don' lose pounds & inches at the same time

Has anyone else noticed that they don't lose pounds and inches at the same time? For example, in one wweek I lost 4 pounds but there was no change in measurements. Then when I didn't lose a single pound in ten days all of a sudden my jeans were loose! I know that when you work out your muscles tone and build up and that may be a reason for some, but I honestly don't work out at all yet. I'm always on my feet, busy at work and aside from playing a Kinect game here and there I don't exercise really. It seems weird I guess. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this experience also.


  • dis5150
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    My weight hasn't changed since Feb 25th but I have lost inches. I am able to fit into jeans that I couldn't even close before. I don't work out much, either, although I do walk everyday, just like 20-25 minutes. I am happy to lose the inches, don't get me wrong, but there is something psychological about seeing that number on the scale drop that I miss! Plus the "Biggest Loser" contest I am in at work only counts pounds lost.
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    Agree. Same has happened with me. Love fitting into smaller pants but there is something about seeing the number on the scale go down that i really want to see
  • vim_n_vigor
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    I do the same thing, but I don't care what the number on the scale says. It could stay where it is forever if I could get my bf% down and fit into the clothes I want to wear.
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    Yep, I've seen this a lot myself.
  • cjwolfjen
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    "If you're not losing pounds, you're likely losing inches"
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    bump, i am the exact same!
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    This is pretty much exactly what happens to me too. I can't explain it in any way, but it appears to be the normal way that weight loss and getting fitter works.
  • _Elemenopee_
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    Totally! I've lost 11 lbs in the past 2 months and have dropped 1-2 pant sizes but I notice the "loss" is different from week to week. One week I see the scale go downa couple lbs but the pants and shirts fit the same and the next week the scale won't budge for ANYTHING but my clothes are looser. Both make me super happy but imagine how happy I'd be to see both at the same time!?!? :love:
  • It is psychological warfare that your mind plays against you. It makes it very hard to keep your motivation when you do not see the results that you expect. I saw no change this week on the scale even though I worked really hard all week and ate really well. We have to remember that our bodies are very complex and they do not always follow a "weekly" schedule the way we are programmed to follow. The tape is the best guide to track your true results. Just stay positive and do not let your scale fool you into thinking that you have not made positive progress.
  • Thank for this post! I have not lost any weight in 3 weeks but I have dropped 3 pant sizes! I was getting frustrated until I read this post. I am so thankful!
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    Ugh thank GOD someone asked this question! I thought I was going crazy when I got on the scale to see it hadn't moved in a couple weeks, but I lost 4 inches in my belly and 1 in my hips. I was like um.... Maybe I measured wrong, but nope. It was right! I'll take the NSV all day. :)
  • joannemeister
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    I need help to...cant understand why i am not losing weight ...i walk everyday and eat 1200 or sometimes less calories per i eating enough?