jaxbeck Posts: 537 Member
Do you eat dinner every night? Most nights I will skip it, I feel that I ate enough through the day & I'm not really hungry in the evenings. Weekends are the exception, I cook a lot then!


  • jmaffett
    jmaffett Posts: 68
    Yes. The only time I skip is if I have an evening workout, in which case I'll have a protein drink.
  • epursey
    epursey Posts: 36 Member
    Unfortunately I have a hearty appetite :/ I always eat dinner, but as I've changed my diet and exerciser more I find I don't finish my dinner every night.
  • kp1439
    kp1439 Posts: 343 Member
    the only big meal i have every day is my dinner ... i know it shouldnt be but thats how it is for me ... i do all the workout early morning ... and after dinner sometimes i do walk for few miles ...
  • melsinct
    melsinct Posts: 3,512 Member
    Ugh, I'd be miserable without dinner. I like to space out my eating!
  • If I dont eat dinner I find myself REALLY hungry the next day. Even if I am not hungry I try to eat...
  • manda1002
    manda1002 Posts: 178 Member
    I always eat dinner, mostly because it's the one meal a day we get to eat as a family. But I find if I do skip a meal, it's usually lunch that I do. Not intentionally, I just find that at lunch I'm not as hungry as I am at breakfast or dinner :)
  • jaxbeck
    jaxbeck Posts: 537 Member
    Looks like I'm the oddball :p I'm definitely eating tonight because I will be working out & will need it!
  • mbts08
    mbts08 Posts: 284 Member
    I eat dinner every night. :smile:
  • mrsdizzyd84
    mrsdizzyd84 Posts: 424 Member
    I eat dinner every night. Like the poster above, I can't skip dinner without being really hungry the next day.
  • MissCheese
    MissCheese Posts: 195 Member
    I always have dinner, even when not hungry, otherwise my calorie intake for the day would be too low. I try to have three meals of similar calories during the day plus an afternoon snack.

    I don't have 2 small meals and a large dinner.