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Excruciating pain during exercise during ovulation.



  • sarahcartwright6044sarahcartwright6044 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Hi Guys

    Just stumbled across this post, amazing that some people are experiencing the exact same symptoms. I have the exact same issue and have been suffering from it for about 15 years now (around the time of ovulation).

    Recently I’ve decided to finally try and do something about it and have been to see two different gynaecologist’s - neither of which could explain why or give me a straight answer. It doesn’t seem to be very common and sounds as though very little research has been done to date.

    They did find multiple cysts on my ovaries during a vaginal ultrasound (approx 40 on each side, far more than normal) although both gynaecologists didn’t think this could be linked to the excruciating pain. They also don’t think I have endometriosis but cannot be sure based on a scan. I get very painful periods but nothing compares to those pains!!

    For now I am managing the pain with low intensity or no exercise during ovulation.

    Has anyone had any luck in finding out the cause?? Would love to know!

    Just an update for you! I got recommended a gyno on the Gold Coast who specialises in endo. He booked me in for a laparoscopy and found endo!!!
    And took it out. I’ve had many pelvic ultra sounds, and also have more cysts then usual. Endo can not be seen on a ultra sound and so many doctors will turn you away from this disease but it’s real. Get checked.
    I am so glad I know what’s going on with my body now. He is a private specialist and it’s costed me $3grand without private health. All I can say is it’s so worth it if you haven’t had kids yet.
    He also put the Marina in as well which is meant to help.

    Sounds like you need to see a gyno who specialises In Endometriosis.
    I found more info on a Facebook page called “Australia women with endometriosis support group” they will help with what specialist in your area and you can relate to these women.

    After 16years I’ve finally got answer!!! Hope you do as well ❤️
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  • jogurl82jogurl82 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    I literally registered for this site so that I could comment. I am having the exact same much so that it's almost scary. I am new to running, and have noticed that when I ovulate, about 20 minutes into my run, I'm having the intense pain, pressure, nausea, you name it. It last for about 20 minutes, and then goes away as if nothing has ever happened. Not that I'm glad that anyone else is experiencing this, but it's nice to know that I'm not just crazy, and that I'm not alone.
    The first time it happened, I thought I had a cyst burst (have had ovarian cysts since I was 18). They're not something that I deal with a lot, they burst once or twice a year, and though the pain is intense, it's infrequent enough that I just deal with it. This, though, had me thinking I was going to die, whilst running down the boardwalk.
    I just had my annual gyno visit. She suggested an ultrasound, which returned nothing. The first option was to put me on the pill, but that causes heart issues and makes me crazy hormonal. I had my tubes tied three years ago to avoid having to go on hormonal birth control. They said that they could do a laparoscopic examination, but I've opted out. I'll continue to monitor, and be careful of the days I choose to run.
    Thanks for your invisible really does help. Good luck in all your struggles to figure out what's going on. <3
  • stephie_nycstephie_nyc Member Posts: 96 Member Member Posts: 96 Member
    Oh crap. I get bad ovulation pain too. It feels like a cyst is going to pop. I have had to lie down on the SIDEWALK in NYC because I couldn't walk any farther. I just laid there until someone finally asked if I was okay and walked me to a doctors office a couple blocks away.

    But I have never had exercise bring it on. Have you tried dosing Aleve or something throughout the day starting on day 14 of your cycle?

  • KircuitKircuit Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Not sure who might benefit from this, but thought I'd share my experience because it sounds similar to some of you who've posted here. I started experiencing excruciating abdominal pain once a month that lasted anywhere from 1-3 days. It came in waves and I literally couldn't move once the pain started. It would begin in the center of my stomach and then move down into my entire abdomen. I tried sooo many things to make it better and had a ton of tests done, but nothing ever showed up because we didn't catch it while the pain was happening. It lasted about 3 years before it got bad enough that my husband took me to the hospital during one of these episodes and I finally got a CT that showed what was going on. I had something called subacute appendicitis. Nobody ever expected it to be appendicitis because the pain wasn't concentrated to the right side and it would go away after a little while. After my appendix was removed I never experienced the pain again!
  • jaxnjoshjaxnjosh Member Posts: 46 Member Member Posts: 46 Member
    I get pains in my lower stomach, any type of jumping makes it painful, but not as bad as the OP's. I try to eat light on those days so it puts less pressure on my stomach. I hope this helps. Good luck, I hope you find relief
  • Beverly2HansenBeverly2Hansen Member Posts: 366 Member Member Posts: 366 Member
    both ovarian cysts and Endometriosis can cause this. The simplest test for a cyst is an ultrasound and then if it's inconclusive or medical intervention is needed a laparoscopy can further *kitten* the ovary and the rest of your pelvic area. A laperoscopy wouldn't be by any means the first step but I hope this helps :)
  • ninerbuffninerbuff Member, Greeter Posts: 45,673 Member Member, Greeter Posts: 45,673 Member
    Check for dysmenorrhea. An OB and verify.

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  • Beverly2HansenBeverly2Hansen Member Posts: 366 Member Member Posts: 366 Member
    dysmenorrhea is typically the term for painful periods and ovulation prior to finding the underlying cause because in many cases the minimally invasive surgery is needed to identify the under lying cause of the symptoms. That diagnosis is usually step 1 before further investigation and a plan of action. I was labeled as having Dysmenorrhea until my laparoscopy diagnosed endometriosis and a endometriotic cyst on my left ovary pardon my incorrect spelling.
  • kerrsamanthajane4803kerrsamanthajane4803 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Hi @sarahcartwright6044, I hope that you've been able to find some answers and manage the pain since you posted, but in case not, or if there are others in a similar position - here is my experience.

    I've had very similar symptoms for a number of years... excruciating pain, waves of cramps brought on by intense cardio (mostly running). They start about 20 minutes into my run and I'm literally doubled over in pain on the pavement.

    I saw a specialist gynaecologist who suspected endometriosis. I had an ultrasound done and they noticed a chocolate cyst. I went on the pill and it helped the pain somewhat, but I had to go off the pill as I wanted to try for kids. The pain returned when I went off the pill- I underwent a laparoscopy as I felt my situation was preventing me from running and being active.

    They diagnosed endometriosis, removed the cyst and found one of my ovaries was stuck to my pelvic wall (!) Since the operation (9 months ago) I've been pain free. That said, I noticed minor pain this week when out on a run. That led me to Google ... and I found this post. Indeed, there isn't a cure for endo and it can return even after its removed. For now I'm keeping an eye on it and I may need to return to the specialist if the pain persists.
  • amandaleapamandaleap Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Has anyone figured this out :(? Is it endometriosis? I have zero other symptoms outside of this insane pain that comes on in the middle of exercising with a semi-high intensity. I have to stop what I’m doing, sit on the toilet because it feels like I’m going to need one, and wait for 20-30 minutes. Ruins my workout and it is really discouraging. Also, over the last 2 years, I’ve started to bleed slightly after.

    I have had it happening for probably 10 years after higher intensity exercise (now 30, never had kids). I had it happen when I was in good shape in college, when I gained a lot of weight, and over the last 2 years I have gotten in the best shape of my life, lost 100 pounds, eat clean, exercise 5-6 times a week and it still happens.

    Doctors have never have heard of it, and I’ve gone to a few for the issue. I’ve had a scan and they didn’t find anything. I had one doctor suggest it was because my ab muscles were weak when I was heavier, but it’s clearly tied to my menstrual cycle and I’m in good shape now and it still happens. Some ovulation cycles are worse than others, and sometimes it doesn’t happen at all. This cycle it’s severe and has been for about 7 days of exercise. Also good to know I’m not alone, I just wish I had faith that we could figure it out.
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  • Speakeasy76Speakeasy76 Member Posts: 860 Member Member Posts: 860 Member
    How long does the pain last? I get pretty intense pain when ovulation that can last for a few hours. I often need to lie down, take Aleve and use a heating pad, it's that bad. It's called mittleschmirtz, I think. I don't think exercise brings it on any more so than doing nothing does, though. I'd maybe look into seeing a specialist, because I don't think it should last for more than a day. Also, I've read that it's actually not all that normal to have excruciating ovulation pain, but I haven't been found to have cysts, either.
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