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Excruciating pain during exercise during ovulation.



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    Hi Guys

    Just stumbled across this post, amazing that some people are experiencing the exact same symptoms. I have the exact same issue and have been suffering from it for about 15 years now (around the time of ovulation).

    Recently I’ve decided to finally try and do something about it and have been to see two different gynaecologist’s - neither of which could explain why or give me a straight answer. It doesn’t seem to be very common and sounds as though very little research has been done to date.

    They did find multiple cysts on my ovaries during a vaginal ultrasound (approx 40 on each side, far more than normal) although both gynaecologists didn’t think this could be linked to the excruciating pain. They also don’t think I have endometriosis but cannot be sure based on a scan. I get very painful periods but nothing compares to those pains!!

    For now I am managing the pain with low intensity or no exercise during ovulation.

    Has anyone had any luck in finding out the cause?? Would love to know!

    Just an update for you! I got recommended a gyno on the Gold Coast who specialises in endo. He booked me in for a laparoscopy and found endo!!!
    And took it out. I’ve had many pelvic ultra sounds, and also have more cysts then usual. Endo can not be seen on a ultra sound and so many doctors will turn you away from this disease but it’s real. Get checked.
    I am so glad I know what’s going on with my body now. He is a private specialist and it’s costed me $3grand without private health. All I can say is it’s so worth it if you haven’t had kids yet.
    He also put the Marina in as well which is meant to help.

    Sounds like you need to see a gyno who specialises In Endometriosis.
    I found more info on a Facebook page called “Australia women with endometriosis support group” they will help with what specialist in your area and you can relate to these women.

    After 16years I’ve finally got answer!!! Hope you do as well ❤️
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