Do You Eat the Same Breakfast Every Day?

I have found that I need a high protein breakfast. My usual is 1/2 c. EggBeaters and 1/2 c. egg whites scrambled together, and 2 slices of turkey bacon. This is what I have eaten almost every day for the past year. I like it and I haven't tired of it. There have been times where I think maybe I should try something different. However, I noticed that when I change up my breakfast to something like oatmeal with cream cheese and PB2 mixed in, I find that I am extremely hungry within a couple hours (like right now!).

Do you eat the same breakfast every day? If so, what do you eat? If not, why?


  • tomusiakl
    tomusiakl Posts: 225 Member
    I have oatmeal 5 days of the week with 2 table spoon of ground flaxseed and an ounce of slice almonds. I really love oatmeal and have been eating this for over a year now and I am not tired of it.This I have a work during the week. On weekends I have something different when I dine with my family.
  • melr789
    melr789 Posts: 35 Member
    i usually eat the same breakfast everyday, right now i am eating kashi cereal with almond milk, a piece of fruit and a boiled egg.. Before I was eating oatmeal, with plain yogurt and berries or banana mixed in everyday, if youre not tired of what your eating then I would eat what your eating now.
  • webenic
    webenic Posts: 5 Member
    I usually eat eggs or oatmeal everyday for breakfast and I always have chicken and veggies for dinner because it's easy to prep and cook for work. I might change the seasoning up once in a while, but if it works then leave it!
  • TheDiminishingVegan
    TheDiminishingVegan Posts: 176 Member
    I can eat the same thing for days in a row but it usually circulates between a few things, recently its been a scrambled egg/egg white wrap, sometimes its scrambled eggs with toast, or boiled eggs and toast, or randomly a cheese and pickle toastie!

    Sometimes as well its a healthyish version of a fry up, or porridge, or museli and fruit, so it changes quite a lot really! :D
  • AshRyd
    AshRyd Posts: 126 Member
    i usually eat the same thing every day for breakfast - two egg whites and 1 whole egg scrambled with a little chopped ham, bacon or sausage (what ever in on sale that week). I like the routine of it - simple no need to think. I usually eat the same thing for lunch too - prepack on Sunday night for the week. Getting me and the kids out the door every morning on time for school is enough worry without adding what I am going to eat!
  • btanton27
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    my usual is 1/2 cup of egg substitute with a 1 Tbsp of bacon pieces and a sprinkle of sharp cheddar made like an omelet, with a slice of whole grain dry toast. sometimes i'll have oatmeal or greek yogurt for a change. but i usually stick with the same! lol
  • SarahMorganP
    SarahMorganP Posts: 922 Member
    I eat mostly the same few things but change what of those few things I eat daily. Some days I eat a granola bar with a string cheese and an apple. Other days (like today) I eat a granola bar, string cheese, and hard boiled egg. Sometimes I eat oatmeal with an apple. Once in a while I eat 2 eggs scrambled with a serving of cheddar cheese and deli turkey mixed into it. And if I have left over spaghetti I will eat that for breakfast for sure, I love spaghetti for breakfast!

    And that's about it. A couple times a month I might have something else, but the things listed above are what I eat most days. And a few times a month I skip breakfast to eat a bigger brunch. :happy:
  • tyoung75
    tyoung75 Posts: 51 Member
    I change it up if I get bored. Usually it's a banana, an 8 oz. weight management protein mix and some peanut butter. Sometimes I'll do eggs though. Just depends on if I'm at work or home and how much time I have. :)
  • morganadk2_deleted
    morganadk2_deleted Posts: 1,696 Member
    either sausage eggs and beans or greek yogurt ,Linwoods - Shelled Organic Hemp, 30 g Jordans - Natural Wheatgerm (32g) with bluberries :)
  • bluberrygoo
    bluberrygoo Posts: 222 Member
    Since I've started atkins I have eaten two eggs with two pieces of bacon and a slice of cheese fried in butter every morning. Also a cup of coffee with 1 TBS coconut oil. It keeps me full and I'm consistantly losing weight.
  • UponThisRock
    UponThisRock Posts: 4,531 Member
    Yep, coffee
  • UsedToBeHusky
    UsedToBeHusky Posts: 15,229 Member
    I eat cereal almost daily. I might change out the brands, but I always eat cereal.
  • emily2tx
    emily2tx Posts: 77
    I eat cereal almost daily. I might change out the brands, but I always eat cereal.
    I do the same. I have to watch my iron and this is what I do to make sure I get enough everyday.
  • Rannsay
    Rannsay Posts: 2
    If it seems to be keeping your hunger under control I wouldnt change it! Protien is great in the morning, have you ever tried protien shakes along with some gronola?
  • maf66
    maf66 Posts: 211 Member
    I don't eat the same thing every day, but I do try to get around 30g protein for breakfast. It's actually helped me eliminate feeling hungry between meals. If I want a snack, I have it, but mostly I don't even think about snacks anymore.
  • kaybelmore
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    I eat the same protein shake for breakfast 5 days a week, then do a a tasty sugar free pudding variant on Saturday, but have a big bowl of oatmeal on Sunday after a long (1+hour) run :)
  • belgerian
    belgerian Posts: 1,059 Member
    More or Less yes I eat 1/2 cup sometimes 1 cup oatmeal with fat free greek yogurt mixed in. If I eat 1 cup I dont eat anything else. If I eat 1/2 Cup then sometimes I will have a apple and or a bannanna just depends,
  • jonski1968
    jonski1968 Posts: 4,499 Member
    Protein/Yogurt/Multi vits/Omega 3`s

    Every morning without fail..

    Geez what a sheltered life i lead.. :bigsmile:
  • tripitena
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    I have my favorite "got to" (hot & spicy soysage patties on whole wheat toast) but with my recent plateau in loss I've been trying to switch up a lot of things including diet routines. Tryin' to get that protein without quite so many carbs.

    mmmm protein supplements :sick:
  • BrianSharpe
    BrianSharpe Posts: 9,238 Member
    I'm a creature of habit. Weekdays it's usually cereal (brand varies) with my blueberries, a container of yogurt and a banana. Weekends depend largely on whether or not we're running around like lunatics with the kids' soccer etc.