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  • kandyjo
    kandyjo Posts: 4,648 Member
    Zumba is the GREATEST!!! But all of these Zumba posts make me sooooo jealous!!!! They cancelled zumba at my gym :cry: :sad:
  • m2kjenn
    m2kjenn Posts: 1,671 Member
    going to my first class tonight - Can't wait!!!
  • kandyjo
    kandyjo Posts: 4,648 Member
    ...............again.....JEALOUS!!!! :frown:
  • emarcia28
    emarcia28 Posts: 140 Member
    you should buy the DVDs and do it at home! Its still very fun :tongue:
  • kandyjo
    kandyjo Posts: 4,648 Member
    since Zumba was cancelled at my gym, I started doing the Jazzercise and boot camp class... So, I'm still having fun and getting my butt kicked.... But I really miss Zumba!
  • melissaovadare
    melissaovadare Posts: 191 Member
    i love Zumba, too.......I don't belong to the gym anymore, but I think it depends on the instructor! I had to get to the gym 30 min before class to get in if I wanted this specific teacher....I never sweat so much in my life, but the hour went by so fast!

    Darn, I wish I belonged to that gym!!!!!!
  • karenamilner
    I have been doing zumba a year now. I had lost about 8 lbs then gained it back when I had to take a break from zumba from pulling my achilles. I commit to zumba twice a week and am trying to eat better. Have not lost any weight but one lb, but that is ok with me, for now....I am trying to eat better. So-hoping that will help that scale go downwards instead up upwards. Now with the weather turning nicer to, I hope to start walking in my neighborhood again, one mile a day, twice a week. WISH ME LUCK!
  • 33KIKI
    33KIKI Posts: 304
    I love it but sadly the gym I go to packs in WAY too many people - I had to leave in 1/2 hour because NO ROOM :mad: - folks came late and squished in all around me:explode: . If I had to stretch out my arms I was going to hit the person next to me:embarassed: .

    Frustrating and I didn't want to hit nobody so I went to the eliptical instead. :sad:

    I want to get the videos but in person it's fun:laugh:
  • Mary_Burris
    Mary_Burris Posts: 120
    Im going to a Zumba Madness event tomorrow! Im so excited I have heard its awesome! we will see....:flowerforyou:
  • SraArroz
    SraArroz Posts: 238
    My gym has Zumba and I hear that class is PACKED! I'd like to try it but I'm a little intimidated by the crowds when I'm so uncoordinated! :blushing:

    A friend's daughter is in a competition dance group and her dance instructor also teaches Zumba classes in her studio on Friday nights. I might got there (it's smaller with fewer folks) to get started and see how I like it. If you don't have a gym membership, try calling local dance studios to see if they offer a Zumba class. It's possible they do and you could try it out there. :happy:
    They have DVDs you can do a home. You can order them on I do not have a membership so I got the dvds so much FUN!!
  • churchsinger
    Zumba is great---and don't think it's just for younger people. I take a class with a woman who's 80, another who's close to 70, and I'm 58. We do better than a lot of people in the class!:happy: :happy:
  • Rebelee
    Rebelee Posts: 1
    I've started going to zumba and really like it. They had a zumbathon at our Y tonight. So, how do you count it as far as exercise goes? I've been logging it as aerobic dancing?

  • mama22girlz
    mama22girlz Posts: 291
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my ZUMBA class. My instructor is AMAZING. Never tried the videos, might have to since class is only once a week.
  • maestrachistosa
    maestrachistosa Posts: 202 Member
    Well, prior to this evening, I had never heard of Zumba before reading your posts. After a bit of web research, I actually signed up for a class on Monday evening. I am REALLY hoping I LOVE it, and it helps me break out of my current exercise rut (translation: lack of exercise). Thanks for the posts!
  • teresa011
    teresa011 Posts: 101 Member
    Hello all Zumba lovers......I joined a gym in my area specifically because they had Zumba classes and I wanted to try it....Well after the first class I was gym offers 6 classes a week, and I try to make everyone I can..........The instructors are great and the one, Brian, is sooooooooooo much fun. You sweat like hell, have a great time, and even learn some dance moves.......haha I love to dance and i'm always the one in the car you see bopping to the music......I loved it so much I bought the DVD's for home on the days I can't make it to the gym.......I give Zumba credit for my 20 lb loss so far. Its the one exercise if thats what you want to call it, that I actually ENJOY much so that after I lose a bit more weight, i'm going to take the instructor course....Keep up the great work!!
  • alf1163
    alf1163 Posts: 3,143 Member
    Hello Zumba Lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drinker: :drinker: I am a Zumba Instructor in San Antonio, TX. I love love love teaching Zumba. I teach 4 classes a week. As most of you have mentioned it is a great form of exercise and since it is so much fun you dont really feel like you are exercising. But dont let that fool you, you are getting a great workout and burn a lot of calories. Not everyone burns 800 calories, that all depends on your fitness level, intensity, etc. I usually wear my heart rate monitor and when I remember to turn it on I burn anywhere from 400 to 500 calories, more sometimes. Some classes are taught at gyms or community centers that do not require a membership to take the Zumba class, you just pay a drop in fee. You can go to to find a class nearest you and you may contact the instructor directly with your questions/concerns. About the age range of participants, I have students from their early 20's to into the 70's. We all have a great time, smile and laugh a lot!!! Zumba Hugs!!! :flowerforyou:
  • jbuffan218
    jbuffan218 Posts: 275 Member
    We have a great fitness center that just opened last year, I am dying to join but not an option right now.
    But, just before it opened last year I went to my first class. Now, let me just say I have zero dance skills and the only class type exercise I am familialr with was areobics with an accredited (16 years) fitness intructor that was fantastic. Loved that woman.

    I tried Zumba once, and I am going to give it the benifit of the doubt and say I had a terrible instructor. This was when Zumba was very new to this area, we were just starting to hear about it and this was the only class in town BUT the instructor was awful. In fact she was working the desk the week before when I signed up ?? So who knows.
    This was my first class had NO IDEA of any of the steps or moves or even what they were called. I guess I was expecting more instruction, calling out of moves or maybe show us the move before we started then lets go. Half the class were going the wrong way, which meant we were bumping into each other. She had about 20 of us in a tiny little room so small that even if I did know what to do I could not have gotten a full extension of my arms without giving someone a black eye. I was missing so much that I didnt even get flushed let alone sweat. My heart rate was not even elevated a bit. Not a fun time at all.

    I would like to know if in the beginner class, do your instructors show you what the move looks like or tell you anything before the music starts? Is this something I should expect or not? Ours just turned on the music and let it rip. The only ones who knew anything were the ladies who had been there before.
    Since they have had a year and a half to train and hire more qualified instructors and everyone here loves it, I would consider trying it again as a walk in
  • barty
    barty Posts: 729
    Hi Zumba Lovers, Me Too, only herd of Zumba on this site and looked into it, found a great class and now addicted !!!! Brilliant fun and it goes soooo fast. Love it, Love it, Love it.....
  • luvslife2
    luvslife2 Posts: 15
    Hi there,
    If you go to Zumbafitness dot com you will find their DVD and maybe a class near you! I just starting going 3 times a week and the class I go to here in Ontario isn't part of a there's hope!