What are your goals for today?

I don't know about you, but if I write down my goals, I feel more accountable to complete them. And I'd love to hear yours for motivation!

So today my goal is to run for an hour even if I have to drop the fat black lab off at the house & continue running. Also, grocery store to stock up on good food! Hopefully all before I fall asleep today (I work nightshift).
What are yours?


  • My goal every day is to get through it basically. I look at every day as a fresh new day to make healthier decisions and not binging. Take it one day at a time. Today, I am hoping to get another 4 mile run in and drink nothing but water! :)
  • EvaJ20
    EvaJ20 Posts: 33
    To run 45 minutes and complete the 30 day shred. I am on vacation and I have been trying to do something like this everyday (with one rest day). I am also trying to cook new things. Yesterday I cooked cod and today I want to try cooking some awesome veggie burger I found a recipe for the other day.
  • To drink enough water (all eight glasses), to keep added sugar (sweets, etc) out of my diet, to track what I eat, and to get some exercise. That may mean go to the gym if I'm having a good work day, but if things are crazy at work, then it probably means a long walk this evening weather permitting.
  • AEB_WV
    AEB_WV Posts: 323 Member
    Go to gym before work (done) make good choices throughout the day, drink water, take supplements, don't snack on junk after dinner.
  • katiew00t
    katiew00t Posts: 164
    1. Make healthy food choices and stay under calorie goal
    2. Complete 60 mins of strength training @ the gym
    3. Drink 7-8 glasses of water