FitBit VS Heart Rate Monitor OR both???

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I USED to be active and not job has changed (read sitting instead of walking now) , my lifestyle has changed (read stressed and tons of fast food instead of home cooking), and I have packed on the pounds in the past few years (read size 8 becomes size 26...OUCH.)

While I have found ways to *bring* my meals and NOT drink calories (water and tea are my new best friends and this has helped tremendously) , I struggle with time to exercise. However, I do park further out, take the stairs not the elevator, use restroom on another floor to take more stairs. With all of these changes, I am seeing some slow improvement.

Recently I have noticed many people using Fitbit or heart rate monitors to help calculate more accurately the calories they burn in a day or to better measure their activity. I wonder if someone could explain what is the difference, if there is one, and what is needed/recommended for someone relatively "new" to this. Somewhere in the dust at home is an omron pedometer (with a broken belt clip) and I'm not sure if I should just bite the bullet and buy something and if so...WHAT?



  • tmcmurtray
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    I use the Polar FT7 when I workout and then track my calories on MFP.
  • Altruista75
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    I just ordered a fitbit (haven't received it yet) and plan on using it to determine how much I'm actually moving throughout the day. I have an HRM that I use for my workouts and wish I would have invested in one much earlier in my route to fitness! I honestly don't know if you need both or not, but I'm trying to get the most out of what I'm working towards and that's why I bit the bullet and invested in both. Curious to see what everyone else says though.
  • Lesa_Sass
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    I say get the hrm first. I am on my first week with the fit bit and I am having a hard time getting it adjusted correctly. The fit bit also does not monitor your heart, only steps and pace.