So, what now?

Would someone please look at my diary and offer some constructive advice?
Ok, I'm under my calories, Been very sedentry this week due to illness. Just finished my evening meal and feel pretty full. I'm aware I should eat more but having been really happy with weight loss at the beginning of the week I am now creeping back up. (2lbs since Monday).
I want to keep losing, don't feel hungry and can't decide whether I should eat or not.



  • lizard053
    lizard053 Posts: 2,344 Member
    If you've been sick, you really need to get plenty of rest and plenty of fluids, and not really stress the rest of it. Healing has to come first. Those 2 lbs are probably just water weight your body is retaining to help you fight off whatever illness you have.
  • stephyy4632
    stephyy4632 Posts: 947 Member
    if your sick its different than just looking at your diary you need to rest and get plenty to drink and lissen to your body

    as for the diary
    you need to eat closer to your goal most days your 400 or more cals under your goal for the day
    log your water and if your water is currently correct drink more
    don`t skip meals
  • EmDrake13
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    Everything the other posters said about getting well, first. Chicken soup!

    As for your diary, I'd throw a tbsp of peanut butter on that plain bread you're having for lunch. Or almond butter, if you're allergic to peanuts. Or a piece of cheese. Consistently running 400 calories under your goal is not helping you.

    A piece of fruit with that bagel in the morning wouldn't hurt, either, and won't fill you up too much, either.

    Good luck, and feel better soon.
  • JennetteMac
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    Thanks for the advice. I'm not sick as in nausea, I've had a chest infection, which made exercise well nigh impossible. And I have honestly upped my water, It's not something I do well.
  • susannamarie
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    If you're sick, your body can probably use some extra nutrition to fight off the germs. I wouldn't worry about it until you feel better.