Thoughts on this

Someone I know told me today that her doctor said:

That the biggest part of weight loss is the diet alone. Exercising just helps shrink the skin. Food is what makes us unhealthy.

Now is it just me or is this common sense? But it all goes hand in in hand.

Just curious what you all thought of this. **Not trying to start a war or anything.**


  • cmriverside
    cmriverside Posts: 33,482 Member
    Probably 95% of weight loss is in the kitchen.

    It's all about balancing your caloric needs and your caloric intake. Pretty simples. The exercise certainly makes it easier, you can eat a more reasonable amount of food, and you feel a million times better. Yes, a million.
  • swthrtsmrf
    swthrtsmrf Posts: 384
    Yep totally agree!
  • Farfourah
    Farfourah Posts: 899 Member
    Well yeah, it takes almost zero effort to consume calories.
  • WickedGarden
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    I don't think that 'exercise just helps shrink the skin'

    muscle helps burn fat correct?

    I've known people who eat junk all the time, but work out and they aren't fat.
  • swthrtsmrf
    swthrtsmrf Posts: 384
    I believe so about muscle helping to burn it.
  • lisaidem
    lisaidem Posts: 194 Member
    Well, exercise "just shrinking the skin" sounds retarded. That's not what strength training does, or cardio that improves the hearth health, but I guess this person was just talking about straight weight loss.
    Disagree with the attitude, but that being said, my trainer says "you can't exercise your way out of a bad diet," and I do agree with that.
  • ironanimal
    ironanimal Posts: 5,922 Member
    Weight Loss, and just weight loss, is entirely down to diet. Fitness is the part of the equation you complete with exercise.
  • sarafil
    sarafil Posts: 506 Member
    I don't totally understand what the doctor was saying, but I do believe that about 80% of success is what you put in your mouth; the rest is exercise (strength training, cardio, etc).
  • AllanMisner
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    Besides the "exercise shrinking the skin" I think he has a bit of a point. Most of us just eat too much and eat stuff that just isn't really food (processed). I'd give diet the 80% such that picking good, quality food would give you the bulk of the improvement as far as health goes. The paradox, when you weigh less, you move more.

    Now, if you're focused on aesthetics, then exercise plays a much bigger part.
  • To me exercise prepares me mentally to continue with better food choices....:wink: