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Hi all :)

Just thought I'd say hi. :)

New to the forums but been using MFP for over a year now and I'm from England. I lost about 25lbs last year and then around summer things went downhill and life took over and I put 7lbs or so back on. :( Trying again this year to reach my goal. So far I'm down those 7lbs I put on (and a little bit more) but I've still got a fair way to go. My goal is down as 125 as that's the middle of my healthy BMI range but to be honest, I suspect if I did get down to that I might start to look a bit ill so it'll be whatever in the 135-125 range looks/feels the most healthy.

Trying to loose weight by eating less (shockingly easy once I curb my chocolate cravings!) and most of my exercise is from dance based games on my Wii. The idea of even going to a gym scares me silly and being able to exercise at home is handy - and hey, it's working so far. I know strength training is meant to help weight loss but I'm not sure what I could do as I have a long term wrist injury which my doctors seem unable to diagnose/cure which means I can't take any weight at all through my wrist.
That injury also put a halt to other things I like doing. I'm a Guide/Ranger leader (girlguidingUK) and us leaders normally love to join in/encourage the girls by doing the adventurous stuff ourselves but I can't do most of it now which is frustrating. At least I still have my walks/hikes in the surrounding countryside when my friends all manage to find a time everyone is free! I look forward to the day when I'm not the one at the back trying desperately not to get left behind.