Then and Now

LCFulmer Posts: 183 Member
This is my first time posting before and after pictures... I've notice that I don't have many pictures of myself when I was heavy and realized that I didn't like taking pictures. Well I just so happend to find a picture on my work computer that I know I'm able to duplicate the outfit in.. so here it is. At this time in 2009 I weighed 200lb... now I'm 169 and lifting weights.

OK how do I add the pictures...


  • yolste07
    yolste07 Posts: 327 Member
    I always email myself the picture I want to post. Then I go to profile and edit my picture you will see where you can browse to get your pictures (from your email or download from where ever you have the pictures stored. Then upload
  • dlynnkind
    dlynnkind Posts: 134 Member
    I created a photobucket account. Upload photos from your computer to the photobucket site. Under each picture there will be codes. Copy the one that has the "IMG" in it and post it. Then change the IMG in capital letters to lowercase.

    Good Luck


    P.S. Awesome weightloss so far..with or without pics!
  • LCFulmer
    LCFulmer Posts: 183 Member
    Thanks... I got the photos in my profile here on the site... but wanted to put them on the message board. Will try after meeting.
  • DEGiltz
    DEGiltz Posts: 297 Member
    You look awesome! What a difference ... you should be very proud of the changes you have made! : )
  • dlynnkind
    dlynnkind Posts: 134 Member
    Oh I see in your profile. You are rocking that sweater dress!! Nice job.
  • quietHiker
    quietHiker Posts: 1,442 Member
    I checked out your profile pics too! You're looking great and I'm glad you're lifting weights too :) Keep up the amazing work you're doing and you will succeed! :)
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