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Unexplained foot injury?! Help?

Ugh I hurt my foot! I have no idea how! After an awesome run and a sesh on the stair stepper Monday, I got home from the gym and took off my shoes and realized the outside of my foot hurt. I thought it was nothing but now it's Wednesday and it hurts more than it ever has!! :/

The pain is on the outside of my foot about halfway between my little toe and heal, where my bone sticks out a bit. It's not hugely swollen, but it is a little bit and it hurts most with shoes on (I guess that might be obvious!). Anyways, it just hurt a little on Monday so I didn't think much of it, and it still just barely hurt Tuesday, but towards the end of the day, the pain was getting worse. I got some ibuprofen and have been taking that as well as icing it. Today it hurts even more than yesterday so I just have no idea what I did! If it still hurts tomorrow, I'll probably pop in to the doctors office, but I thought I'd run my symptoms on here to see if anyone else has experienced anything similar....


  • Coyla
    Coyla Posts: 444 Member
    Are your shoes getting old? Are they new? Is it surface pain, like a blister from excessive rubbing, or does it feel deeper in?

    If the icing and ibuprophen isn't helping, then the pain may not be from inflammation. Either that, or walking on it is making the injury worse.

    I have no idea. The only thing I can think of is a shoe problem, especially if you don't recall stepping on it in a weird way.
  • pmkelly409
    pmkelly409 Posts: 1,646 Member
    I have the same problem. I went to a foot specialist who said years of uncorrected supination is causing it. I got fitted for arch supports, bought new sneakers and I am looking forward to some relief. In the meantime I am limiting my running, focusing on the elliptical and arc trainer for my cardio.
    Good luck.
  • donnao1117
    i am a foot injury gal also, but different than yours. advice is to get to a foot and ankle specialist, and do not mess around with general physicians ( unless u need a referral), or immediate care injury was a few years ago, and i did not see a specialist, and i keep reinjuring my foot....finally saw an orthopedic foot/ankle specialist, and he got to the root of the problem, which was an extra bone in my foot (in layman's terms) that the tendons and ligaments continue to be irritated by it......i saw 4 different doctors, until this one figured it out...Good luck....:smile::smile:
  • calliope_music
    calliope_music Posts: 1,242 Member
    bump! i get this too!
  • Aljos
    Aljos Posts: 63 Member
    you should have it checked, it could be tendonitis, if left untreated it could get worse.
  • skierxjes
    skierxjes Posts: 938 Member
    I found that the outside fo my foot and my ankles hurt BIG time.. if I don't stretch my calves/quads.

    Try doing calf raises as a stretch before you go, hell, do them every day. All you do is while standing, feet hip width apart, just go up to your tippy toes and back down. I do them with dumbbells at the gym on my lower body days and do them just with body weight on upper body days.

    Amazing how having loose muscles in your legs helps with foot pain.

    Good luck!
  • shauna121211
    shauna121211 Posts: 575 Member
    Just an update:

    I had an appointment set up to see a doctor this morning, but after some advice I decided to give the podiatrist a call. I told them my symptoms and the podiatrist recommended seeing a physio (physical therapist) because it sounded to them like something that needed to be wrapped - I think she mentioned a strained tendon. Basically she said the doctor wouldn't do anything and the physio was the best one to see in this situation. I'll be seeing her tonight, so I will update you then. :)