Hey guys! *Waves frantically*

Hey guys! I'd like to introduce myself and hopefully meet some weight loss buddies!

My name is Pierre, and I am honestly not new to this whole weight-loss thingimajig. Around four years ago, I already lost around 40 lbs, but unfortunately suffered from a relapse due to lack of motivation. I ended up gaining all them back + packing a few more pounds.

I was at my heaviest last January (245 lbs), and last time I checked I was down to 226. Took me about two months two lose all those weight.

I've been overweight -- or obese, to be more exact -- for more than 10 years and this time I know and I WILL stay on track. I created my profile a few months ago, and now I decided to update it religiously. I plan on losing 100 lbs and eventually reach my ideal weight, but now I'm still eyeing for approximately 8-10 pounds a month.

Feel free to add me! I don't want to lose weight alone. ;)


  • MisterTEZ
    MisterTEZ Posts: 272 Member
    All the best Pierre you can do it!
  • Hello there! Welcome to our lovely supportive community. May the odds be EVER in your favor =D
  • mangotruck
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    Welcome! Stay focused on your goal and be good to yourself! You can add me if you want :)