trampoline does it work

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Hi Guys and Gals
I have a 15ft trampoline out in the garden, my kids love it and i look at it wanting a shot of it,

would it help with the fitness, I am struggling with the area i love to find things to do and keep active, i do a dvd programme daily, aim to walk 45-60 mins an evening, i love the walk as i go past the woods, across the golf course and along the length of the beach, then back again its 4 miles in all, i have bought the ab king pro, and leg magic,

I have applied to join the gym but the manager isnt there to do an induction for up to 3 weeks, but when i get in there my 9 and 10 yr old can use the swimming pool, I also start ladies only swimming on wednesday i am not the strongest of swimmers but i will work towards that,


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    check out this site for calorie burn on trampoline.
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    check out this site for calorie burn on trampoline.

    Thanks been looing for something like this!
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    Anything that gets you moving is going to burn calories. The trampoline sounds like loads of fun! I have no idea if it's a good workout or not, if it gets your HR up it's probably working. Give it a shot!

    Working out is about finding something you enjoy. Keep trying new things until you find it.
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    Trampoline - how fun!

    The last time I was on a trampoline I accidentally did a big jump dead center when my friend's 2 year old was very close to the edge - the impact upon landing almost bounced him out of the trampoline and the yard. :embarassed: :noway: Oops.

    Bounce responsibly! :laugh: And have fun, of course! :flowerforyou: