Weight loss is not always easy or fair...but that's no excus

This motivational note was sent out by my gym two years ago. I was re-reading some journal entries I'd made back then, and this one kind of reach out and slapped me in the face...HARD!

"Now's the time to grab the steering wheel of your life. Delve deep within yourself and take responsibility for your health and behavior. Ask yourself hard questions and face the truth of what needs to be done. Weight loss is not always easy or fair but you are the only one that can lose weight for you. Take a turn for the better!"

Amen! Have a GREAT weekend everyone!! Now I'm headed out to try to beat my last record of jogging more than a mile! Root for me!! :flowerforyou:


  • SatelliteCrush80
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    I love that quote...should put it up somewhere at work where everyone is talking about losing weight and getting healthy, but not being about it.

    Have a great jog...You can do it!