No More Meds for Me

LCFulmer Posts: 183 Member
I'm soooooo excited. I just came from the docs office and told her that I haven't taken the med (beta blocker) she had me on for my heart/bp for the past 3 wks. I've been monitoring my vitals and kept a awesome record (via an app on my phone). She agree with me that there is no need for me to continue on the medicine... I'm officially off of the beta blocker for my heart/bp. She told me to keep up the good work drink plenty of water and to cotinue to monitor for the next three months... she wants me to come back then to see where I am. Currently I'm avg at 123/76 with a RHB of 88.:smile:


  • Wow, that's great!!!! I'm so happy for you!
  • dliteb440
    dliteb440 Posts: 15 Member
    Oh My Goodness!!! You are my inspiration! I am on 3 hbp meds and it is my dream to hear the Dr. say that to me! Great Job!
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