Tony Horton just tried to kill me...

JDHINAZ Posts: 641 Member
....but being the elusive little (ok,not little yet, but I'm working on it:grumble: ) minx that I am, I still here. I finally pulled the 10 Minute Trainer out of the box where it's been sitting since January or so. Holy crap! I thought I was getting in shape! That made me feel like I was just flailing along with no muscle control at all!

But I'll be back, Tony Horton!!!! I'll be back!!!!!


  • licia67
    licia67 Posts: 109
    I love Tony Horton!
  • hiddensecant
    hiddensecant Posts: 2,446 Member
    Haha, I'll be joining you in a few months after P90X ... sounds like I'm gonna enjoy that one!
  • hmo4
    hmo4 Posts: 1,673 Member
    haha-I did most of P90X-I'd like to punch Drea the show off in the teeth.:drinker: