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All you can eat Chinese

Well I went today with my partner, I was quite restrained and didn't have any of the fried starters like seseme toast and spring rolls. Filled up on the vegetable and tofu dishes and stuck to boiled rice but still dread to think how much fat and sugar was in it.

Anyone got any tips for surviving the 'all you can eat' without looking like a complete party pooper to your mates?


  • ElizabethRoad
    ElizabethRoad Posts: 5,138 Member
    I don't see why what you eat has any bearing on their good time.
  • famousa88
    famousa88 Posts: 22 Member
    I find that most people could care less about what it is that I am eating. But if what YOU EAT makes people feel uncomfortable, it is probably about time they start looking at what it is they are pilling on their plate.
  • nicolagrant1986
    I'm not very good at restraining myself when I go out for a meal these days. However, what I used to do would be to set myself an approx calorie allowence to eat while at the restaurant. Usually however much I would need to eat maintain weight rather than diet, and then take approx note of what I was eating so that I didn't go too much over my calorie allowence. I'd usually do a quick online search before going to find out approx calories of my favourite things.
    Like I say, that's what I used to do. These days I don't think Id have the disapline.