varied nutritional info

I just found 2 entries for raw blackcurrants. They gave different amounts of calories, protein and fibre. How do I judge which one to go with? This happens quite frequently, with all sorts offresh foods. Do I opt for the higher values and play safe? Or lower ones and remember that I'm usually under my calorie value so could have a bit of chocolate later with a lesss guilty conscience?
Help needed please!


  • heathersmilez
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    If there is a * beside an entry it was entered by an individual not MFP staff hence the chances of errors is high hence I would recommend goggling it, is a popular website in order to verify the nutrition.
  • I noticed that recently too. I think that most of the calorie counts are estimates. I'm not particularly concerned because I go by the end results. If you consistently stay under calories and you are losing a little weight at a time, then it should be fine. If you are gaining weight, but staying under calories, then you might want to change your approach.
  • japruzze
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    Make a rule and be consistent. I tend to go with the higher option always because I don't measure/weigh portions. So I'm guessing that I'm low on volume/sizeso I go high on calories estimate, then it all works out in the end.