hey anyone here struggling with alcohol....i need support.....cuz i cannot get myself to stop drinking..........iève tried for so long....but i canèt do it


  • ladytxn
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    I have the same problem. Not that I'm a drunk...but I do like my wine, beer and ritas
  • neverstray
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    If you're alcoholic, then you need to get help. If you just mean that you drink more than average, you should be able to stop. I find that I drink when I'[m bored. So, if I get up and start doing stuff, I wont drink.
  • LordBezoar
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    If you're alcoholic, then you need to get help. If you just mean that you drink more than average, you should be able to stop.
    I don't drink, but as he says, if you are an alcoholic get help. Go to AA, find some other, similar group. You will get much better help from someone who has been there and come through it than you will from a diet and exercise site. Not that I am shunning you or trying to be rude, but most of us would be an ill-equipped support system.
  • msamcoates
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    I'm in the boat as well .... I challange myself to not drink during the week and have a few on the weekends. Well this challenge just started but its working so far.

    Good Luck!
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    i drank a ton a year ago.. made lots of bad desicions.. i found it best to just go cold turkey.. get rid of every thing.. put yourself with people who are healthy and who are doing things .. hikeing, biking, etc. get proffessional help... good luck , admitting is the first step..
  • bluesrockerman
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    I know how you feel. I currently am on my 8th day without. Not easy at first, but I feel I have to try. I would daily go to the bar and drink beer and then eat bar food. Not good for weight loss! I know it's tough but it can be done. You can do it if I can!
  • I had this problem. It's a tough one. I went to AA for awhile and found it very, very helpful. It's hard to go the first time, but I think you'll find the people very welcoming. I think there are meetings online that you can join, I'm not sure. You're body gets physically addicted to the alcohol so try not to be too hard on yourself. You also need to learn new ways of coping with things. That's hard too, but it's really worth it.

    A really hard thing is dealing with your friends who drink. It's a WHOLE lifestyle change, you'll need a new support system. (Like friends from AA)

    You can do it and you are worth it. You'll feel SO much better. I forgot what it felt like to wake up without a was "normal" to wake up feeling like crap. Turns out, that's not really "normal'. LOL
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    My family has struggled with alcohol addiction. Although I have not, I am addicted to food and cigarettes. There is an underlying problem. The alcohol is just a tool to cover it up. To debilitate yourself from feeling whatever makes your hurt, uncomfortable, anxious, sad. Whatever that thing is... You must confront it. Without recognizing the reason for self medication... You may never heal properly. Remember that all wounds do heal, they may leave a scar but we are strong enough too endure it. I suggest a therapist and AA to build a relationship with others who suffer the same addiction... That's why I came to mfp, to work on what's deep inside :smile: it takes a strong person to admit they have a problem. That person can overcome anything!
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    Coming from a military background and with a father I no realise was / is alcoholic and then joining the military myself, it took me a long time to realise that I had a drink problem and that there was even such a thing.

    I thought back and couldnt remember the last time I'd gone more than a couple of days without a drink... and that wasn't a good thought. I quit there and then to check that I actually could quit. At 4 days without, I felt like my throat was cut and I was gaggign for a drink which told a story in itself, but I pushed through that and it got easier and easier. I used ginger beer for the "bite" I was missing and made sure I had lots of really nice soft drinks around me to keep me going. After a while I had the odd alcohol free beer (they're actually not bad these days, the wines however still suck). I quit for 6 months and prove to myself that I could.

    I still drink these days, but I like to pack in every now and then to detox, save some money and feel better. I have cut way back though compared to the RAF days where I'd be out drinking 6 nights a week (I was 19 and had just discovered alcohol). These days I wont drink more than a beer or two on a "school night" if I drink anything which I usually wont.

    If you are struggling and if its a problem for you, then I would speak to your doctor. They can put you in touch with the best people to help you. AA are supposed to be good, but the only time I ever went I found them a bit overly religious for me. That was probably this particular group, but it put me off. As has been said, you need to change your friends and lifestyle if you are weak willed so that you dont get the knock on the door and you have to clear out all the drink from your house.

    Good luck. Wish I'd never discovered the stuff. I'd be a lot healthier, smarter and wealthier.