The power of a positive attitude

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Often times I've heard the saying that having a positive attitude can contribute to weight should picture yourself as being healthy and strong. Does anyone buy into this theory? I am just curious to see if anyone has had good results with this.


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    Personally, I think thinking and being positive about EVERYTHING in life can only help you. I like to think I am a positive person in general. And, yes, since starting this journey, the more positive I am and the more positive people I surround myself with, the greater my results.
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    I do. I think I have the best attitude a person can have! I'll give you an example:

    Saturday, my husband had a friend over for dinner and was showing him my treadmill with all its bells and whistles. I didn't think anything of it. Sunday morning when I got on the treadmill after about 3 minutes I started sweating my *kitten* off. I said to myself there is no way I can do 60 minutes today, I feel beat ( I had two glasses of wine the night before, for the first time in a month). My usual routine on the treadmill is 60 minutes at 4.1 MPH. So I pushed and pushed and pushed and finally got through it but I only got 45 minutes, but I was beat. When I looked at my calories burned it said 783 calories which is a lot more than usual. Later my husband comes in and asked me if he remembered to reset the incline on the treadmill. So I go into my exercise room and find out I did a 7.0 incline for 45 minutes at 4.1MPH. I kicked my own *kitten* because I kept on pushing but I was so proud I actually did THAT. It was the funniest thing I had done in a while. So this morning I got on it and did 5.5 incline for 60 minutes and burned 700 calories! I can't believe how good I feel! But I have to eat a lot more which is a down fall for me :noway:
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    Read " The Miracle of Health" by Kary and Uche Odiatu

    I have just finsihed reading this and am going to start it all over again. There is a wealth of information on positive thinking and visualization as well as nutrition and exercise information. My husband was lucky enough to see Kary Odiatu speak and I am only sorry I missed it
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    I really think your attitude and mindset is 90% of losing weight....with the right mindset, you'll make smart choices in what you eat, you'll want to push yourself...
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    I agree. I believe weight loss starts in the spirit, then moves to your body. When you have negative feelings about yourself (in your spirit) they eventually move to your body-you hate your life so you overeat or undereat or smoke or do drugs and your body begins to reflect what you feel about yourself. But when your start having positive feelings about yourself- (you love yourself and try to make the best of what you are given) your start to take care of your body more.
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    I think a positive attitude definately helps. If you're constantly beating yourself up and saying you can't do things like go jog a mile then you start to believe it and you won't even try. I agree with the other poster that said with a positive mindset you'll make better choices. Plus, you'll be a happier person overall... which is just as important imo as being healthy.

    I remember one episode of BL when all the contestants were on the treadmills (like the first week or two when everyone is still BIG and really insecure) and Jillian said to picture yourself thinner, happier, at your goal weight. To visualize every aspect of your body and really focus on it, and then picture yourself walking to that new person. It sounds silly, but I think it helps the mental aspect of losing weight and getting into a better mindset. I've been trying it when I'm out for my walks... and when I picture myself how I want to be I end up pushing myself harder.
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    Really good posts and observations! Thank you!
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    I completely believe in a positive attitude, and thinking positive thoughts!

    Today I started a "vision board" for my fridge! Pics of me back when I was slim, fit and healthy, and other inspirational images (like the beach because I am dying for a vacation!).

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    I like your fridge idea. I could try that!
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    I have always used visualization when I played soccer in high school and now that I am running I am using it again. When I had to complete my 5K last week I totally would just close my eyes and pretend I was running through the whole course, what it looked like when I finished etc. I think it helps to see yourself being sucessful, healthy. I know that Allie-a Biggest Loser winner-she said she would visualize Ms. Pacman eating away her fat cells as she was working out! LOL