Article on Weighlifting, Weighloss, Cardio Recommendations

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This was on today. Thought it might be an interesting read for folks...


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    VERY interesting. I still buy into the mantra that muscle burns more calories than fat, but the question arises, quantitively, how many more calories am I burning? I work out 4+ days a week and it focuses mostly on weightlifing. I've gone from curling 20 lbs/12 reps/3 sets to 35 lbs/12 reps/3 sets in about 6 months. Every other muscle group is proportional in gains so I'm not going to list them all but you get the picture. My body is now "solid" where there used to be fat. My dad even slapped me on the shoulder the other day and was like "WOW, you used to jiggle" :laugh: . It hasn't helped my midsection as much as I would have liked, so I guess I need to step my cardio up :grumble: .

    I usually do interval training on the treadmill, 1 min 5.0 mph followed by 1.5 min 8 mph for 30 mins. I'm going to up this to 45 minutes and try to hit the cardio on my "rest" days and just skip lifting. I'll let you all know how this works out for me (after I get back from my cruise next week :smooched: )

    Thanks for posting that link JDH. :drinker:
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    That is interesting, kind of daunting to try to fit in an hour or more of cardio a day though. I have been trying for 3 hours of cardio a week and an hour of weight training. I set a goal for 300 total minutes (cardio&weight lifting) this week. That article will hopefully motivate me to add cardio to my 'off' today. Now I plan to do 45 minutes of stationary biking tonight (I hadn't planned to do anything before reading the article).
    Thanks for posting it! :smile:
  • GetFitBy2010
    What? women only gain 2 lbs of muscles in 6 months of weight lifting. That's really low.
    I read somewhere women gain 1-2 lbs in a month!!!!
    I don't believe everything in that article. I'll make sure I do 1 hour of cardio workout 6 days a week