Record weight daily?



  • hazelsmrf
    hazelsmrf Posts: 96 Member
    I weigh every morning naked. I record all weighs on a spreadsheet I have in Google Docs, but only record the losses on MFP. I don't consider the gains to be true gains, just fluctuations in water weight.
  • pgrant0328
    pgrant0328 Posts: 58 Member
    I weigh myself everyday and record on MFP both the losses and gains. To myself I must remain true. If I don't weigh myself daily I tend to become out of control and then become afraid because I think I've gained a lot of weight, which usually I do.
  • xarla16
    xarla16 Posts: 84 Member
    I have come to realize that in the morning I can almost predict which way the scale will go. Almost every morning, before I get in the shower and before I eat my breakfast, I weigh myself in my birthday suit. If I wake up feeling like I'm a little dehydrated, I know my weight will be up a little. I also know that if I drink my 8 glasses of water that day, that my weight will be gone down the next day.

    I like weighing everyday (or almost everyday), it doesn't frustrate me, it just lets me be a little more in tune with what my body is already telling me. I log on MFP every time I get down 1 full lb. If I hop on and it says 148.2, I keep it at 149 on MFP until it is under 148, it gives me just a tiny bit more motivation.