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1230 calories to low??

So I am about 5'8 and 202 mfp says i should only be eating 1230 calories a day with out exercise. I am worried this may be to little. I used a bmr calculator from another site and it said 1700. I was losing at a really steady pace at first I lost 48 pounds but now I have been siting at 202 for a week or 2. Im worrried this may have something to do with my calorie intake. I eat a high protein and low carb diet soI am never really hungry at this calorie level. Any insight or thought would be helpful.


  • chrisb75
    chrisb75 Posts: 395 Member
    Go to

    Use the Military Body Fat Calculator
    The Goal weight calculator
    Then the BMR/Calories Calculator.

    Eat the recommended amount for 'Lightly" or "moderately" active, depending on your activity level. You are going to eat your GOAL weight's TDEE for calories. PM me if you have questions.
  • sixisCHANGEDjk
    I think it may be time to up your calorie intake a bit. it won't hurt and you could try it for a week or two and if it doesn't prove helpful revert to the 1230 or try something else. Often, an up in calories, will jumpstart your weight loss again.