Acceptance Goes A Long Way!!!

This is one of the first entries in my blog 6 months ago, but it still holds true. I hope everyone can appreciate their bodies, no matter what size they are!!! Accept!!

It is frustrating to see so many posts and blogs which focus on the negative. Obsessed with looks, pounds, body parts! Ugh! We need to change the world with this rubbish! Don't let the media tell you what you should look like! Empower yourselves with acceptance. Believe me, I'm not perfect, but I've tried to change my perspective over the years. I was teased, tormented and harrassed because of my weight as a child and when I look at old pictures, I probably was 10 lbs. overweight! But the pyschologicalness of it all gave me a bad attitude and negativity about myself. I've always been athletic, but those childhood scars and beliefs turned into realities. In high school, I never thought I was good enough. After graduating, I went to the gym, lost 60 lbs, looking being my motivation. Well, I still had those scars and the weight kept creeping back on. In my mid 20s, I realized that I wanted to feel better, and looking good wasn't my only reason for losing. I unfortunately thought I had to over do it and I torn my achilles....First setback that put the pounds back. Then after a devasting blow by my friend on my birthday, I decided to get out of my negative funk and work out again. I lost 55 lbs and was working my butt off, two hours a day 6 days a week. For some reason, I couldn't lose anymore. I was feeling pretty comfortable and healthy, and figured ok...if I have to stay at this weight its okay. Then I wrenched the ligaments in my back, on meds that put weight back on and I tried to keep it off, playing softball on vicadin or hooked up to a muscle stimulator while running the bases. I got frustrated and again, I put back on the pounds. Then mid 30s I tried again and got in a car accident. Now, one year later, my perspective has changed. Seeing my mom who is only 20 years older than me, using a scooter to go around Walmart, who is on 8 medications and in pain most of the day, I realized that would be me, if I continued my habits. I could give a ratt's butt about what I look like! Yes, I admit, a physcial change is nice, but its not my motivation...just a record of my body being stronger. I use weight loss and inches loss to show myself progress, but I also LOVE the fact I'm getting stronger!!!! That is what I am doing this for! I'd love to be 65, looking and feeling like I'm 35!

I am just worried that our society is so visual oriented. If I can out run, out train someone who is thinner than me does that make me a better person? Of course not. But by looking at me, then looking at that thin person, you would assume that they are in better shape than me. I've always been underestimated and that's fine. I still have mental battles, negativity, but I hope I can help myself and others change their perspective. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look better, but it shouldn't be the first priority. "Ohh if I lose weight to fit in a size **, I'll be happy." That is GARBAGE! You can be happy whatever size you are! If I feel tired, sluggish and pain due to my size, then that is what I want to change!

Let's work to change the world! WE can! Let's value all aspects of a soul, not just the packaging. A person's character should be judged! I understand being visual, but there can be ugliness behind it. My goal is to accept the things in my life. It is a battle everyday in some form. I am not perfect, nor do I hold your answers. But I am on a quest for myself.

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  • femmerides
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    that's awesome. thanks for posting it. :-)
  • OliveBranch
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    I needed to hear this today.
    Thank you so much for sharing it!
    :flowerforyou: -OB
  • sportygal
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    I just wish women would stand up and say HEALTH IS IMPORTANT! NOT A SIZE! I'll challenge a size zero model to a rigourous fitness test anytime! LOL :explode: I'm sure I could carry them around easy since they weight what 80 lbs??? LOL Not to bash, but what.....1% of the populous is genetically that size??? It's not healthy!
    I rather be who I am and healthy, than fake and miserable!
    Don't happy:wink: