Birthday Beer

B3Streeter Posts: 292 Member
Today's my 24th birthday. & tonight, I will be indulging in the largest tea cup ever made filled with delicious FREE beer! There are about 5 places in my area that give you either the teacup, das boot, growlers, etc. for free on your bday. Who wouldn't take advantage!?
Whats your way to party on your birthday?


  • LizKurz
    LizKurz Posts: 340 Member
    Today is my 34th birthday.

    I shall be pouring the rum tonight.

  • AmyLRed
    AmyLRed Posts: 894 Member
    Happy Birthday! Sunday is my hubby's b-day so we will be celebrating Saturday evening. No free teacups of beer though, we will buy ours by the bottle i am sure :) Might be rum and diet coke for me!

    Enjoy your day!
  • jackpotclown
    jackpotclown Posts: 3,291 Member
    Well, today is my 36th, and being in the middle of the week, I'll probably have one but save the birthday beers for over the weekend. Yay for the 4/26'ers! \m/