Summer 60 day Challenge Week 4 Weigh IN

Hello all!
I hope everyone is doing a great job! I am teetering weight wise, so no loss, but as long as I keep getting stronger, that's fine.
Next week, we'll do our half way point!
Happy Summer!



  • CrystalT
    CrystalT Posts: 862 Member
    I gained a pound this week!! :noway: :sad:
  • HipsLipsMama
    i am struggling girls!!! i was down to 134.6 and over the last two weeks have gone back to 136.6. :noway: i know its due to my bad choices, i had a couple birthday celebrations, leftover cake, and lots of starbucks! :blushing:

    Other than a few high cal meals though, my diet has been great. I am still working out but I need to do it 6 days a week! I dont want to finish this challenge and not have made any progress! :sad:

    So, back on the wagon for me. I hope everyone has a great day!:flowerforyou:
  • sportygal
    sportygal Posts: 221 Member
    Hang in there ladies! We all have obstacles and challenges......when there are a track star! I've been forced to rest the last few days due to back/knee issues and it is hard to eat right when I'm bored, but I'm doing it. Of course, I just want to go out there and work out for 2 hours, but that won't do any good.
    We can do this!!!!:happy: