Strength training to fight the flab

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Hey guys,

I saw some people mentioning books about this, but I don't have access to a lot of bookstores and Amazon usually doesn't ship to my locale so here goes.

I alternate between cardio and strength training (so much easier than cardio), I lift 1.1 kg and do a variety of exercises from military press, to lawnmover to bench curls well I don't remember all the names, but I do a lot of different exercises I usually do 12 reps.

Now my question is this why is it that if I want to tone I would need to do more reps?

Also I'm a woman and I know a lot of people say women can't bulk up, but I know that's not true cause you do get women that do.

I think I have a feminine shape and I don't really see myself bulking up, but I'm getting a "bicep" yet I still have some flab around the tricep area? How can I have a "bicep" on top but when my arm is stationary you can still see a lil bit of flab?

I've always had more power in my legs than in my arms so to see any sort of muscle is really a wow factor for me, but I don't want to bulk up! I just want to fight the flab to be fair I think its working, I'm just worried that It will work more on top than at the back part

I like strength training cause its easier, but its not really for weight loss right? If I'm burning a good chunk of calories while strength training then yaaaay



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    Oh boy.

    1. Toning with low weights and high reps is a myth. Tone is a combination of low bodyfat and more muscle mass.

    2. "Bulky" women are on steroids. Don't take steroids to avoid this problem.

    3. Heavy weights at 3-6 reps build strength. You want this. Tearing your muscles with proper heavy lifting raises your metabolism for up to 48 hours while your body repairs itself.

    4. Lifting, along with being alive, burns calories. The added benefit is what I just mentioned, the higher metabolism during recovery.
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    Dom't worry about bullking up. Just do it. Increase reps.. Just find a "Happy Place" to make yourself sore.