Newbie Alert!!

Hello All! I just joined yesterday and I hoping this is finally it for me to get in shape and loose weight! I am looking forward to meeting new people! :happy:


  • TinaTurtlez
    TinaTurtlez Posts: 86
    Welcome!! Please feel free to add me!!
  • skward04
    skward04 Posts: 81 Member
    Welcome! Feel free to add me if you like :)

    Best wishes on your journey!
  • lcooke24
    lcooke24 Posts: 115 Member
    Hi! On here since February I think but very new at posting! Getting a lot of inspiration from this site!
  • trollydollymolly
    trollydollymolly Posts: 107 Member
    Welcome. Feel free to add me if you want. Good luck. The support on here is just incredible..
  • Por2gueseMama
    Por2gueseMama Posts: 102 Member
    Welcome to MFP
    Add me if you would like
  • Babygirl928
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    welcome and good luck on your journey. Feel free to add me also :smile:
  • nickandmiah
    nickandmiah Posts: 16
    Welcome, feel free to add me :)
  • Dietz27
    Dietz27 Posts: 107
    Welcome to MFP!!! Feel free to add me and best of luck on your journey
  • Ekai83
    Ekai83 Posts: 16 Member
    Hi! Anyone looking for friends can add me!! :)
  • mixtaplix
    mixtaplix Posts: 74 Member
    Welcome! Hope you enjoy the site and forum as much as I have in my limited time here. The communication, advice and support on MFP is amazing! Feel free to add me, as I'm always open to adding more friends. Cheers!
  • Add me!!
  • Cyngen
    Cyngen Posts: 557 Member
    Welcome aboard. Feel free to add me (anyone and everyone is welcome)
  • please feel free to add me that is for anyone x
  • Time2Thrive
    Time2Thrive Posts: 161 Member
    Welcome! Anyone please feel free to add
  • soontobefitt
    soontobefitt Posts: 22 Member
    Welcome feel free to add me too...always room for more...
  • Vixx024
    Vixx024 Posts: 5
    Heya im new to this to so u can add me if u want am always looking for new friends!!:smile:
  • KendleX
    KendleX Posts: 275 Member

    Add me! (or anyone)
  • jessie0806
    jessie0806 Posts: 4
    i am new as well welcome and good luck!!!!:smile:
  • I am new :)
    well.. i joined ages ago but havent used it! but looks fun so please add me! need some motivation :)
  • vltaylor35
    vltaylor35 Posts: 72
    hi, i only joined a few weeks ago and i have a long journey ahead. feel free to add me