Fitbit good or bad?

if you use fitbit, do you like it? I'm thinking of getting one but want to see if it's worth the price.

Many thanks!
Sheila :flowerforyou:


  • dancngdolfn
    dancngdolfn Posts: 81 Member
    I absolutely love my fit bit. As far as using it when doing kardio or strength training it doesn't calculate calories burned correctly like a HRM would but it counts all my steps during the day and shows how far i've gone and calculates calories burned for the whole day. It's fun to see how much walking you actually do in a day.
  • wally1uk
    wally1uk Posts: 120
    I have a fitbit and I love it!!

    It doesn't record any cycling or other cardio stuff apart from running or walking...but that's not really the idea with fitbit. It's designed to be worn at all times to record your overall activity over the whole day rather than just when you work out. It ties in with MFP and other apps like it's very user friendly.

    I guess a HRM may be more accurate over all, but the dashboard you can use on the internet make the fitbit far more useful and enjoyable.

    Yeah, it's not a cheap bit of kit, but it certainly makes you more active during the, it tracks your sleep :)
  • toshie333
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    They're not overly accurate for calorie counting I'm lead to believe. If it's cals being counted throughout day and night i would say get a body media-they claim to be 95% accurate. hrm for work outs with chest strap for work outs. One you can do fitness test on and measures resting hr if you want it to be most accurate.