Calling all Natural MFPers!

MrsSamB Posts: 144 Member
My name is Sam and I have been natural (relaxer free for almost 2 years). I have a question about how you keep your hair looking nice during intense exercise sessions. Usually, I wrap my hair in a scarf but my style doesn't always stay intact. I am planning on using Curlformers to style my hair for graduation this Saturday, I'm wondering if any of you guys have used Curlformers and how your hair held up against a workout when you used them. Did you use setting lotion or just shea butter?

Please help! I want to exercise the morning of my graduation, I just don't want my hair looking a hot mess.



  • chachadiva150
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    Have you tried the forums on

    From what I've seen, the curls from curlformers don't generally last that long under extreme conditions.
  • MrsSamB
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    I used to go to that forum all of the time and then I started using CurlyNikki. Maybe I'll just exercise at night that night??? I can't skip. I'm doing a challenge. lol If my hair ends up messed up, I can just wash it and sport the wash n' go or something like that the next day. I'm not willing to sacrifice exercise for great looking hair but I want my hair to look great for graduation.