SwEEt TooTH - need ideas



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    Frozen yogurt can do it, dark chocolate - stuck in the freezer also works well. 1 square usually lasts me ages before I have another craving, one thing you should try is frozen fruits. Don't stick it in a smoothie, warm it up or anything just suck on them frozen and when they're melted then eat. The natural sugars seep out as they thaw which I've found helpful when you want sweets
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    Oh man I can totally relate.
    I have a few go-to's for this:
    1) A handful of dark chocolate covered almonds
    2) Vanilla yogurt with honey nut cheerios and sliced strawberries mixed in.
    3)Homemade fruit smoothie! Don't add sugar though....just all natural fruit.
    4)Rice cake topped with pb and banana.

    Good luck :)
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    No doubt! So do I.

    Stevia herb extract powder makes a wonderful sweetener in herb teas like herbal chai, and also in plain yogurt as a dessert/snack.

    I have tried to create new habits of eating, and hopefully cause any unproductive craving tendencies to begin to go away. This is how: I have used hoodia herb extract in capsules to take the edge off the appetite so I can make the best food choices. I hear you have to find a very reputable brand of that or it can be bogus. Next, when I eat a meal or snack, I prioritize the veggies and protein, then add in appropriate amounts of carbs. I feel this develops and satisfies a genuine appetite while being good for health!

    Blessings to you and all your great efforts!
  • MinMin97
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    Carmelized anchovies. Sweet, cheap, bite sized, lasts for 17 days in fridge, and loaded with protein.

    Find dried anchovies at your local asian market.
    Cool. Haven't tried them before!
  • fairestthings
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    A person in my life guiding me on a healthier lifestyle told me for those kind of "need to have IT [specific thing]" kind of cravings, where even if you eat something else sweet you are not satisfied, then have a very reasonable sized portion of whatever you're craving specifically. If you normally would like, for instance, half of a Hershey chocolate bar (just using a random example) then allow yourself just a few squares. That way you've had "IT" but you aren't going crazy.
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    * sugar free fudgesicle

    * frozen yogurt (literally freeze yogurt) pour into a ziploc baggie, cut the tip, make dots all over a plate and freeze... this is my favorite, or you can just open the yogurt up, put a spoon in, and freeze that. Eat it like a popsicle.

    * banana dipped in sprinkles(;

    * frozen banana

    * and sometimes... just eat the real sweets(;
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    Ohmygosh I had a Kashi Go Lean Peanutty Dark Chocolate granola bar today and it was amazing--toootally satisfied my chocolate craving and it's only 130 cals. With a lot of protein and fiber, so it's a great energy boost, too.
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    I found sugar free fudgsicles are great. They only have 40 calories each and give me that sweet that I need.
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    Nature Valley Granola Thins! They're only 80-90 calories and they're super delish!

  • A nutritionist podcast I listen to said that a sweet tooth after eating MAY (not always) indicate a zinc deficiency. Also can just be a habit.
    I started taking zinc pills and it really seemed to get rid of my sweet tooth.
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    I like to eat dark chocolate because it has a strong taste which helps to curb your appetite. Get the high quality chocolate because you only need a tiny piece of it and you're satisfied. Today I had a piece of Lindt Caramel Sea Salt Dark Chocolate and it was only 64 calories.
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    I'm a BIG fan of sugar free popsicles. I also love fat free/sugar free chocolate pudding. (The kind that you mix). I add a little almond extract and a small dollop of ready whip and I'm in HEAVEN!!
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    I crave sweets too, but have been trying to cut down on them and focus more on protein - handful of almonds for a snack.
    But I understand when the urge strikes, you have to be prepared. Some of my local go tos -

    -Edy's frozen juice pops - 25 cal per pop
    -Skinny cow or Slim-a-Bear ice cream treats
    -Chocolate shakeology + almond milk+PB2+lots of ice ==> frozen shake to die for
    -Sugar free gummy bears or sugar free jelly beans
    -apple slices with PB2 (PB2 mix + water to make like real peanut butter)
    -5 or 6 pieces of Mrs Mays nut snacks (www.mrsmays.com)
    -sugar free jello cups or sugar free dole fruit cups with gelatin
    -Fiber One 50 cal yogurt

    Keep at it. It can be tough, but keep your goal in mind and you can do it.
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    I used to have a serious sweet tooth too. I found that the less I ate of it, the less I craved it. Today I can make do with fruit smoothies most of the days as my sweet tooth fix. I'm all about fruit now. I've also been known to toss in granola, yogurt or a few chocolate chips. I just make sure that fruit is my base.
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    Not sure if someone said this already (LOTS of replies) - but my wife and I use the 100 calorie snack packs


    They are all different so you will have to see which one you like. My wife has a pack after each meal with a cup of coffee.

    Also the "Skinny Cow" brand has some freezer snacks that are pretty low cal and satisfy the ice cream sweet tooth with healthy, low cal versions.
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    YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!! Thanks for all the ideas, sites, suggestions, etc.... these are GREAT!!!!! I'm pumped!
  • ChangeIsADecision
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    Try the 3 - 2 - 1 cupcake

    1 box Angel Food cake mix
    1 box cake mix - any flavor

    Combine both in a ziploc bag (best w/zip-lock or self seal). Mix well.
    Remember that one MUST be angel food cake. And angel food cake has egg whites (in case you have allergies)

    Whenever you want a personal cupcake:

    3 tablespoons from the mixed cakes
    2 tablespoons water
    1 minute in the microwave
    (Notice why it is called 3 - 2 - 1?)

    You can even add fat-free cool whip if you want.

    I THINK I LOVE YOU!!! This is a GREAT IDEA!! Thanks for sharing!
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    small pieces of dark chocolate do it for me - like the little dove squares or hershey bliss - they are about 35-45 calories per square. And if you have 2 - its not that bad.

    I do the same, 2 or 3 small squares of the dark chocolate dove or bliss and that satisfys mt sweet tooth craving! especially helpful when pms/ing!
  • chrisfaina
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    sugar free jello
    dark dark chocolate (85%+)
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    You can have an entire peppermint patty for only 140 calories. I love them, the keep me sane. LOL