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How to calculate rice cals!?



  • Sunna_WSunna_W Member, Premium Posts: 741 Member Member, Premium Posts: 741 Member
    It's math!!!

  • deannalfisherdeannalfisher Member, Premium Posts: 5,600 Member Member, Premium Posts: 5,600 Member
    Sunna_W wrote: »
    It's math!!!


    but math is hard ;)
  • mariapmackenziemariapmackenzie Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Just calculate it as uncooked. I weigh it before i cook it, and on MFP you can find uncooked rice.

    Now this made sense...thank you!
  • nooshi713nooshi713 Member Posts: 4,552 Member Member Posts: 4,552 Member
    As others said, weigh dry in grams and that’s the calories. You don’t have to weigh the cooked rice unless you are making multiple servings and want to divide it up evenly.
  • JadenStrengthJadenStrength Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    This is simple:

    Serving size is 100g Uncooked Rice.
    100g Uncooked Rice is 350kcal (calories).

    When cooked, rice weighs on average 2 times more.
    This is known as the Water to Rice Ratio (2:1 = 2 parts Water - 1 Part Rice).

    100g Uncooked Rice is 200g of Cooked Rice (100g x 2 = 200g).
    100g Uncooked Serving (350kcal)/2 = 50g Uncooked Rice (175kcal).

    To manage calorie intake, 100 Calorie Servings is very useful.

    For example:
    1. 29g Uncooked Rice = 101kcal.
    2. 55g Mackerel = 99kcal.
    3. 16g Almond = 98kcal.

    100kcal is very deceiving. Bear this in mind as there are massive differences in calories per 100g depending on the brand.

    Hope there's clears things up.
    P.S. I'd love someone to simplify this even further please as this was a 10-minute rewrite to not confuse anyone.
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