So I was just wondering what does your "cheat day" consist of??? Mine consist of 4lbs of crawfish and a couple of long island ice teas.........but im thinking maybe im cheating myself with just that!!!!!!!!!Im trying to fool my metabolism without having to eat unhealthy. I mean like when I go to Subway should I try to stuff myself with a 12" instead of 6" or at dinner should I eat two servings of meat and vegetables instead of one.........confused


  • dianeellen2
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    I am not a fan of 'cheat days' - i like to think of this as a life style choice - cheating who?

    Eat what you want, when you want.

    Exercise enough to absorb your 'cheat things' without going over your calories

    If you look at my diary you will find very few days i dont have ice cream and chocolate (either biscuits or a bar) but i never go over my calories.

    I dont deny myself any food that i want. I either eat a small peice, find a low cal version (or make it) or exercise more to allow for the calories.

    I think that is why i have failed at all other diets; because some one or some thing dictates what i can or can not eat but doing MFP i set my own rules and make my own plans

    Just my thoughts :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:

  • stuffinmuffin
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    I'd never have a cheat day with no real point or occasion to it. Mine are for socialising food and drink once a week with friends. And it's one cheat meal, not a day and if I don't have anything planned - I don't cheat. Plus I never aim to go over my weekly net cals and on the day I'm going out I'll always aim to do a big workout.
  • chachadiva150
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    I don't believe in the concept of "cheating." Food is food.

    I do calorie cycling so I plan in high calorie days. On those day, I tend to include some of the "yum yum" foods that I like. However, I'm not cheating or being bad. I'm just following my program.
  • Bluescat1
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    Not a fan of "Cheat Days".
    if you are going to do it, you gotta go all in.
  • Cwulfekat
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    My husband and I do a cheat meal 1x a week. Usually ifs for when we hang out with friends. If I did a cheat DAY, I'm sure I would go way overboard! Making it just a cheat meal (usually dinner, drinks), encourages us to eat extra healthy for breakfast and lunch. I like the idea of adding a big workout on cheat meal days. It would be nice to enjoy my cheat meal and NOT go over my calories.
  • riadastfu
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    You don't actually have to call them 'cheat meals'. Just eat like half of the regular portion size and rearrange the rest of your daily meal allotment to make up for it. As long as you don't go over your allotment of calories, you can eat whatever you like.

    Also, I personally find that if I'm feeling so deprived by my diet that I need a cheat meal, I should reassess my meal plan.

    This whole thing is a step towards changing your eating habits for life. After you reach your goals, you shouldn't just go back to eating how ever much you want, at least that's how I feel.
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    I appreciate everyones comment and advice!!!! I just wanted to see what people had to say about cheat days.......because honestly I cheated myself for years and I feel like thats why I am in the shape that im in now......I eat healthier now and I dont deprive myself of food, I just decided to eat to live not live to eat!!! I have lost 14lbs in a little over a month so I think thats about right?? I would love to get feedback about my food diary if anyone is interested in giving me thier opinion!!!Constructive criticism is good for me....