Half way point

bradphil87 Posts: 617 Member
As of my weigh in yesterday, I have reached my halfway point, 50 lbs lost, 50 more to go! It has taken hard work and dedication but, I have stuck with it! I started out originally wanting to drop 66 lbs. When that goal started getting closer I decided to push it back to my ultimate goal, and a healthy bmi weight. I am excited and just as motivated as ever! And along with this weight loss many other positive things have happened for me. I started a new job that Iove, I quit smoking, and quit drinking. And the more days I got without doing these things that were unhealthy for me (smoking, drinking, eating poorly) the better I feel! It can be done guys! It's not easy, but it is very rewarding! I've grown to like a glass of ice water rather than a beer. I've grown to enjoy going to the gym (which my trainer can take full credit for because he makes it fun the 3 or 4 times we work out together every week.) I cannot say enough how amazing I feel and there is still a long road ahead of me, but every step on this journey is easier than the last. And I know now that I can do it!


  • fayglet
    fayglet Posts: 72 Member
    Congrats!!! Keep up the amazing work!
  • Dee_84
    Dee_84 Posts: 431 Member
    That's great! Sounds like you completely turned your life around and are very happy with it! :happy:
  • quietHiker
    quietHiker Posts: 1,442 Member
    That is EXCELLENT news to hear! So glad you're at your halfway point and doing it the healthy way! You've got this! :)
  • coliema
    coliema Posts: 7,646 Member
    Good job, keep up the great work!
  • hollymurphy4
    hollymurphy4 Posts: 122
    Good for you! Keep up the good work!
  • BecCutting
    BecCutting Posts: 30
    Way to go mate. It definitely has been an inspiration to be able to view you success for myself over this time. Keep up the good work, cos all the more better things are in front of you now.
  • LatinaGordita
    LatinaGordita Posts: 377 Member
    Congrats! You are completely changing your lifestyle for a healthier one. Keep up the great results!
  • potatoyam
    potatoyam Posts: 70 Member
    great job!!! i can't wait to see your pics when you get to goal!! keep up the super awesome work!! give a pat on the back to your trainer too.

    and extra good job on the bonus effort you made on quitting smoking and drinking! i'm glad you're feeling better!
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