Met my weight goal!!

Sheila_Ann Posts: 365 Member
Wow! I actually did it. Took me a long time but I actually met my weight goal today of 135lbs. My highest was 160. I feel good and look good! Thanks to everyone on MFP who have supported me either by being friends with me or thru my posts. My next goal is to go from 25% body fat to 20% by labor day. I also bough for the first time ever a bikini to wear when I go to Florida on Thursday.

I'm so happy and on cloud 9 right now. I never thought i'd see the day. For those of you who are looking on giving up, please don't give up. With support and determination you WILL get there. I battled cancer, divorce and the weight and I got thru it all.

I'm always happy to accept new friends. I'll always be there for encouragement and support.

Thanks for reading my post and have a great day everyone! Keep counting those calories! :flowerforyou:


  • karensoxfan
    karensoxfan Posts: 902 Member
    This is such wonderful news all around, not only that you reached your goal, but for the persistence it took to do it, despite overcoming so many hurdles! WTG!!! :)
  • allifantastical
    allifantastical Posts: 946 Member
    That is so awesome! Congrats to you!
  • angeliis02
    angeliis02 Posts: 103 Member
    Great job...congrats!!
  • CoderGal
    CoderGal Posts: 6,800 Member
    Awesome! I just joined cloud 9 as well lol. Unfortunately I didn't have it gone by florida (december). Have a great time! Ride a roller coasyer for me!
  • Bibis29
    Bibis29 Posts: 33
    Amazing! Congratulations!
  • WaterBunnie
    WaterBunnie Posts: 1,372 Member
    Well done!
  • shel1103
    shel1103 Posts: 189 Member
    Congratulations!! You look awesome!!
  • NanaKK1234
    NanaKK1234 Posts: 85 Member
    AMAZING --- what an inspiration to all of us you are. Enjoy you vacation and new bikini
  • sofitheteacup
    sofitheteacup Posts: 397 Member
    Great job, getting through all of that! Keep it up and have fun in Florida- I'm going this summer, hoping to be comfortable enough to buy my first bikini, too!
  • Jlburroughs
    Jlburroughs Posts: 47
    Fantastic! Congrats on reaching your goal!
  • Mercenary1914
    Mercenary1914 Posts: 1,087 Member
    Shelia...this is very good! I can't thank you enough for being on my lis too...I read your posts and think..."Man she is really getting at it"....

    I remember your one post where you go " About to go meet up with my trainer and get it in"

    LOL...Good work...

    Stay at it too...
  • Great Job!! yep that is what it is a JOB!! you have to work at it daily and you will get better at it and be fit!! and that is what you did!! way to go!
  • berniemay
    berniemay Posts: 78 Member
    AMAZING --- what an inspiration to all of us you are. Enjoy you vacation and new bikini
    You are an inspiration to all of us! Strut your stuff in that new bikini!
  • 30musha30
    30musha30 Posts: 114
    That's great,congrats!!
  • bltrexler
    bltrexler Posts: 180 Member
    Thats Fantastic!!!!!

    How long did it take you? I feel like it will take me 12 months to loose 25lbs
  • Congrats. I'm back online after being off for a year. You post is motivational. Thank you.
  • myrahonbarrier
    myrahonbarrier Posts: 191 Member
    GREAT JOB!! Thanks for sharing!
  • vhjacobson
    vhjacobson Posts: 64 Member
    Very awesome! Congrats! Stay healthy and happy!
  • jessica_120214
    jessica_120214 Posts: 68 Member
    Congratulation Sheila!! My new inspiration:)
    FITHEALTHY1 Posts: 30 Member
    Absolutely wonderful! Congrats! Enjoy your new body!
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