KCAL in Bread

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Hey guys,

I just had some delicious bread from a bakery nearby when I attempted to check how much calories it might have the closest thing I could see was 35 Kcal per slice?

Now, that seems ridiculously low to me, I had a vegetable curry bread, I had four slices but since the bread was small its roughly 2 regular slices.

When I went into the bakery I did see KCal as 265 but I don't know if they meant per slice or for the whole bread? It seems very low to me for the whole loaf? The bread was a variation on pizza bread and I know how ridiculously high pizza is?

Any ideas on how much a whole loaf of bread usually is? Or if bakeries normally tell you the whole amount of calories instead of per serving?



  • yarwell
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    23g slice 46 calories at http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/baked-products/4863/2

    loads of breads http://nutritiondata.self.com/foods-bread000000000000000000000.html

    You need to weigh it to have a clue really.
  • Pebble321
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    It's hard to tell - but 35 cals/slice is very low even for regular bread (the grainy bread I usually eat is generally around 80 - 100 cals/slice. Does the bakery have a website where you might get more info?
    I'd guess that 265 is probably per serving - which is often 2 slices. So, if I had to guess I'd say around 130/slice - which is probably a reasonable estimate for a small serve of white bread with cheese and veggies.
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    my local bakery has in-house white bread toast slices 173 Kcals for 2 slices
    dinner rolls for 110Kcals
  • KellysDiet78
    I always budget about 90kcls per slice of bread.
  • curds
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    The website isn't in English, I know they use wholewheat flour here and I can only assume that they used curry powder to get the colour and the vegetables was a thin layer of onions and mozzarella cheese, I wish I could ask them if it was 264 for the loaf or per 100 grams (I know that's another popular way of indicating calories).

    The bread is really uber delicious and its such a quick lunch so I will most likely have it again and I already find it difficult to estimate my calories as it is because frankly its common to pick at your food here you will have like a fork full of this a tablespoon of that etc etc.

    As an example tonight I maybe had 10 TBSP of a soup had some veggies and something to drink, I didn't finish anything on the table and because the bowl is so huge its hard to see when you've made a dent in it.

    So yes, its always a guessing game with calories for me.