Back from a weekend in Vegas....YIKES!

Boy, did I ever have a good time in Vegas for the 4th!!! I didn't think I did so bad eating, but, I might have had a few too many slushy drinks...and beers... But I had a great back on the wagon!

ps. wouldn't it be nice if the weight came off as fast as it goes on! 5 pounds in 4 days??? What the H? :noway: Oh well...the good news is I couldn't wait to get back home and start behaving myself in the food and drink arena. Perhaps I've made a change for the better! Oh, and I've decided to move my target weight loss per week to 1 instead of 1.5. I think that will encourage me even more to make it a lifestyle change and not just about losing weight.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I did!