Swimming workouts

Hey! Now that summer is almost here and my parents have opened up our pool, I was wondering if there any types of exercises I could do in the pool to help reach my workout goals?


  • teeens77
    teeens77 Posts: 6 Member
    I don't know about innovative workouts, but laps are a really awesome way to burn a lot of calories. The best part is it's cardio and muscle toning all at once; I was in the best shape when I was swimming 30 minutes 3x a week. First few days are tough, but it's well worth it!
  • OccupyFitness
    OccupyFitness Posts: 147
    I have taken water aerobic classes and there are a lot of different moves you can do for a great workout in the water. I bet you can find some on YouTube. The cross country ski (standing upright move your legs and arms opposite each other to keep your head up in deep water - hope that makes sense) was a great one for me. I hope I explained it right.

    Have fun in the pool!