Friday Photo Caption Contest!

Capture this photo!! Winner gets me as a friend, and a surprise!!!



  • AmberJslimsAWAY
    AmberJslimsAWAY Posts: 2,468 Member
    I like to make out with big burritos...
  • the_journeyman
    the_journeyman Posts: 1,877 Member
    That dude's got a HUGE burrito and likes it!

  • shbretired
    shbretired Posts: 320 Member
    Open wide..wider!
  • mslack01
    mslack01 Posts: 823 Member
    I like mine bigger than six inches! ROFL
  • Canuck_TriFit
    Canuck_TriFit Posts: 97 Member
    Ok Honey, I'm only going to show you once how to handle my big burrito!
  • ilovedeadlifts
    ilovedeadlifts Posts: 2,923 Member gag reflex


    This is what Nick Swordson looks like when he gives BJs
  • Sidesteal
    Sidesteal Posts: 5,510 Member
    Later tonight Mr Marcus and Lex Steele are coming over to my house. This is my warmup set.

    I'm going to go vomit now.
  • jodycoady
    jodycoady Posts: 598 Member
    This usually happens AFTER you buy me dinner...Now this is a two-fer!
  • ActiveGuy81
    ActiveGuy81 Posts: 705 Member
    "God, I love the ones that I have to use two hands with"

    Also, that's what she said.
  • stresco
    stresco Posts: 354 Member
    "Man Love" Knows no limits!
  • mevalentina
    mevalentina Posts: 362 Member
    caution natural gas explosion soon :explode:
  • dinosnopro
    dinosnopro Posts: 2,179 Member
    In 48 of the 50 states he can marry his cousin, but can't marry his.....

  • mslack01
    mslack01 Posts: 823 Member
    This usually happens AFTER you buy me dinner...Now this is a two-fer!

    ROFL.... You should get the friend request. :)
  • LorinaLynn
    LorinaLynn Posts: 13,248 Member
    ♪ ♫ Guantanamera, Guajira Guantanamera... ♪ ♫
  • still_crafty
    still_crafty Posts: 692 Member
    oh my, what a large . . . . burrito you have
  • CandiceSizemore
    CandiceSizemore Posts: 32 Member
    I haven't had to endure a burrito this long since college...
  • TrophyWifeSass
    TrophyWifeSass Posts: 490 Member
    I might have to flip upside down for this one:blushing:
  • Jugie12
    Jugie12 Posts: 282 Member
    Ginormous burrito: $12.00
    Pepto bismol: $3.99
    The screams from your girlfriend when you trap her under the covers later: PRICELESS.
  • CoryIda
    CoryIda Posts: 7,887 Member
    I have no gag reflex
  • onedayillbeamilf
    onedayillbeamilf Posts: 966 Member
    Mmmmmm.....I love love 'em so big I have to hold them with both hands and open wide.