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Queenie000 Posts: 113 Member
Hey there -

Someone online just recommended this website to me, so i thought i would check it out. I have always been active, but find lately that my weight has been limiting me from things I used to do. Gained 90 pounds while pregnant, only lost 20 or so, and need to lose about 100. This seems like it might work, so i'll give it a shot! Current 270-275 goal 175.


  • CarmenSantiago
    CarmenSantiago Posts: 681 Member
    Glad you're here. It's a wonderful site and if you keep track of your caloires and use the site to it's fullest you'll go far. The message boards are just brimming with all sorts of advice, motivation, and support. So pull up a chair and stay awhile. :bigsmile:

    Good Luck! :smokin:
  • silmor
    silmor Posts: 12
    Hola !
    You will find that this site will help you. It always helps when we can actually visually see what we eat and what we do in the gym...Good luck!!!!!!
  • Gabbi
    Gabbi Posts: 206 Member
    Welcome and good luck.... The people here are very helpful, just ask....
    MOMOFTWO29 Posts: 8,276 Member
    Hello and welcome to MFP, the best website ever. You will love this site if you don't already. I :heart: it here. This site is so motivational, helpful, supportive, easy to use, and everyone is so nice and friendly here. I just wanted to tell you that I hope you have a lot of success on your weight loss journey. You can do this!!!! :smile: :flowerforyou: :smile: :flowerforyou: