What's your favorite bubble bath?

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I bought this huge bottle of Calgon bubble bath from Target for only a few dollars, but I have to squeeze so much of the bottle into the tub just to get a little bit of bubbles (I do swish my hand around to get it going)-I've never had this problem with other bubble baths. Also, the bubbles didn't last. I don't see a huge selection of bubble baths in the stores anymore and I'm not sure if I want to order some from Avon (I've used them in the past) or go to Bath and Body Works (a little pricier, but if it's good and lasts I would pay the money). So, what's your favorite? Which do you think is the best product for the price?


  • phillieschic
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    I take a bubble bath every night of my life. Bath & Body Works is so worth every penny.

  • Skeels
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    I love anything that smells like vanilla..................I think I am the only man who loves baths!
  • andreacord
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    I'd go for bath and body works, it seems to be a lot better. I buy the bubble bars from lush for the occasional bubble bath, on the pricey side but you get tons of bubbles. =)
  • ket_the_jet
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    I shower rather than bathing. The idea of sitting in a stew of the dirt and germs on your body is unappealing to me.

    I suppose I could bathe if I showered first. And cleaned the tub. But that's too much effort.
  • Strawberrypop
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    Lush, every time. My faves are the Amandopondo Bubble Bar and the Rose Bubbleroon. I may have to buy myself some this weekend - not had them in soo long!
  • minimaggie
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    Bath and Body works Stress Relief Bath Soak in Vanilla Verbena!!!! It smells amazing. I can't use bubbles as I have a jacuzzi tub and that would ba a mess waiting to happen, but the crystals release an oil that makes your skin soft.
  • DeniseBromley
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    My favorite is bath and body works in the country chic scent. I wouldn't say the bubbles lasted forever, but for quite awhile. I'm pretty happy with it overall. I usually take a bubble bath about once every week or two, and so far I'm only half way thru the bottle..and I've had it since January.
  • mslack01
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    I like Mango Tango from Ulta. I love love love bubble baths!
  • jess_blonde
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    It's super expensive but I adore anything from Lush!


    You don't need nearly the whole bar to get a *ton* of bubbles...so worth it! The bigger bars can be split into 6 good baths, and the smaller ones into 3 or 4. I always ask for giftcards for my birthday/holidays and stretch my bubble bars as long as I can =)
  • GasMasterFlash
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    I like to make my own bubbles in the bath.
  • delilah47
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    The amount of bubbles can depend on how "hard" your water is. Hard water has lots of minerals, which prevent some bubble baths from working. Since you like Calgon, maybe use the Calgon water softener first, then add your bubble bath.

    Edit: BTW, hard water isn't good for bubble baths, but it is really good for development of strong teeth in the development stage. Good for your baby! My father was born in Jester TX back in the 1920s. The man never had even one cavity his whole life. He attributed it to the hard water. He said there were so many minerals in the water, the clean clothes had mineral residue on them, even after flapping in the wind to dry. Unfortunately, we filter out all the good stuff along with the bad these days.
  • Brandicaloriecountess
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    Anything from Lush, I adore all of their products.
  • cristileigh
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    I use Epson Salt only because of all the benefits. They do have aroma type Epson like Lavender but I prefer natural.

  • themommie
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  • mommared53
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    I like bubble baths. Looks like I'll have to make a trip to Bath and Body Works to get some longer lasting bubble bath.
  • stepherzzzzz
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    I like the I Love... line of bubble bath, especially I Love...Strawberries and Milkshake