Miniscule success in humongous failure

RedefiningMe Posts: 44 Member was a terribly bad food day. I ate almost double my recommended calories without exercise - YUCK! That is how my dinner made me feel tonight! This is the humongous failure part! :cry:

I had one of my previous favorite dinners, a patty melt - yes a fat filled fried beef patty, 2 kinds of cheese, on fried rye bread - even describing it makes my stomach turn. Just a month ago, I loved it and although it tasted the same as usual, I found that I didn't especially care for it anymore...I actually left a bit under half on my plate. :noway:

I have been conscious of my food intake for a few months now, but not diligent and didn't start recording until 2 weeks ago. In those two weeks of trying to eat healthier (yes I have had other slip ups, but not as bad as today), I have lost my taste for some of my old unhealthy favorites - YEAH!!! This is the miniscule success and for me, any success - regardless how miniscule, it motivating! :happy:


  • Julietecosse
    Julietecosse Posts: 165
    Its a great feeling when you discover that something you previously loved eating, no longer tastes as good as it used to do. Success!!!
  • abberbabber
    abberbabber Posts: 972 Member
    Reverse that: It's a HUGE success discovered from a minuscule failure! Pretty much everybody has those days where, for one reason or another, they just eat whatever the hell they want. Heck, I had two weeks like that recently. Finding out that your tastes and preferences have honestly changed says that you're really making a lifestyle change and that your body is adapting to that new lifestyle. And that's *AWESOME*!! That is huge, long-term success that's going to stick with you much longer than than patty melt will. Congrats!
  • jeenim
    jeenim Posts: 37 Member
    I ate two slices of mud cake today and although it was a yummy bustout I feel too full, my tummy hurts and I really regret it - not just because I'm scared of gaining but just because IT DOESN"T MAKE ME FEEL GOOD - it isn't worth it, is it? So you have had a huge success in realising it doesn't taste great and I am going to try and see my bad day that way too. All the best.
  • Eleanorjanethinner
    Eleanorjanethinner Posts: 563 Member
    YOu're on the right track! Keep going and don't beat yourself up (it really doesn't help). Every day is a fresh start around here.
  • myjourney2
    myjourney2 Posts: 424 Member
    Awesome success! You are on the right track!
  • gp51
    gp51 Posts: 1 Member
    A cheat meal is completely acceptable. It keeps you focused, reminds you of the terrible feeling of being overly full, and gives you something to look forward to...I found that if I keep it to once or twice a week it doesn't negatively effect my diet.
  • GraemePayne
    GraemePayne Posts: 15 Member
    My wife took me out to dinner last night (my birthday). The only "good" part of the meal was steamed vegetables. The rest was steak (wonderful) and a loaded baked potato with lobster chunks. Ate the veggies & steak; nibbled at the potato, and felt stuffed and guilty. She wanted to stop by Dairy Queen in the way home but I (reluctantly) said "No".

    I look at it as a small VICTORY because, compared to a year ago, I did NOT "clean my plate" and I did NOT go to DQ for additional servings of fat & sugar (aka soft-serve ice cream). Sure I had more than a days worth of calories, carbs, salt & other stuff in that meal, on top of breakfast & lunch. But I can compensate for that over the week, and learn to eat even less by next year.

    Continue with the negative weight gain! (doesn't that sound a bit more positive than always being a "loser"?) :smile:
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