Do you eat anyway if you've exercised but are not hungry?

NaurielR Posts: 429 Member
I've heard that you should only eat when you're hungry.

I've also heard that under eating is harmful, and you should always net your bmr.

Well, I went for a six mile run today and then spent 3.5 hours packing, carrying heavy boxes, bags, etc. I burned quite a few calories, but so far today (its a quarter past five where I'm from) I'm just not hungry. I've totaled 263 calories, but I don't feel hungry. Its not that I feel ill, either. I just feel normal, no feelings of hunger.

Should I eat anyway?

I'm not super worried about this or anything; its more a matter of my curiosity. What do you all have to say?


  • Scorpioangel
    Scorpioangel Posts: 951 Member
    I don't eat if I am not hungry.
  • Pistolcoach
    Pistolcoach Posts: 19 Member
    eat. your body needs those calories in order to function properly. If you dont believe me, ask your doctor!
  • wookiemouse
    wookiemouse Posts: 290 Member
    I always eat to at least my BMR, hungry or not. If I don't feed my body, it'll find other sources (ie, all that muscle I worked so hard for!).
  • Alma_Sana
    Alma_Sana Posts: 453 Member
    I don't eat if I am not hungry.
    This^^ I figure If my body needs it I will get hungry and then eat.