Hey, I've been lifting for a few months and an really starting to enjoy it. I already have a protein supplement that I'm happy with, but I was thinking about starting to take a preworkout too. I've tried razer8 and hated the jittery feeling(all it amounted to for me was feeling like I drank a 5 hour energy or something) does anyone use one that they would reccomend? Preferably one that doesn't make you feel like you drank 10 rockstars? Lol


  • Punktorian
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    It is tough to say, the Razor 8 stuff is fairly high on the stimulants. You might have to go through a few and try to pinpoint what is giving you the feeling you don't like and find ones that don't have whatever that is. The jittery feeling is probably from the high caffeine and other stimulants or possibly from the beta-alanine. It will depend on what you are sensitive to.
    I couldn't find the link to the other pre-workout thread so i will say a bit about ones I've tried.
    Jack3d: worked for about 2 weeks and after that did nothing even with 3 scoops. cycled off it and tried again, nothing. Really stumped on this one since the same thing happened to my brother.
    Animal Rage: Still my favorite, not much of a jittery feeling but it mostly gave me focus and intensity in my workout. Almost get tunnel vision sometimes. (may be a bit more intense than you are looking for)
    Assault: Really mild for me, didn't seem to do much but my brother likes it. Something like this might work better for you.
    White Flood: Cheap, works decent enough, never got jittery or anything negative on it. Just a bit of a boost.

    Quite a few have sample sizes or just small sizes that you could try out. The other option is a cup of coffee or some strong black tea.
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    Thanks for the input. Assault sounds like the one I'd like. I'm going to see if they will let me get a sample of it (like they did with the razer8) and let me try it out.