Brooks, Asics, New Balance??

What's your fave? I have extremely flat arches, and am doing more running & need more support


  • kmbhoya2000
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    Or any others? Has anyone tried the Newton shoes?
  • anilyze
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    The ones that fit you well.

    I've tried 6 pairs of trail runners in the last 5 months. My favs so far are Hoka One One Bondi B, Hoka One One Mafate 2, Brooks PureGrit, in that order.
  • MrsRawwwr
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    Love my Brooks!
  • lynzyn
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    ASICS ALL THE WAY they r wonderful shoes ....I use them for my knees and back and they work wonders when i work out and run...
  • Mercenary1914
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    Love my Brooks!


    I would really suggest going to a REAL running store and have them record how you see if you over or under pronate.
  • djkshdfd
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    I hear Brooks are great. I use Salomon for my trail runs though. I love them,
  • mes1119
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    My Nike Triax work well for my flat feet. So do my Asics
  • brianyeager
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    I put 20-30 miles per week of running on my Brooks. I like them. That being said, footwear differs based on individuals. Go try on some shoes and run around the store (if nothing else you'll make someone have curious look on his or her face).
  • RedHotRunner
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    I run in in a particular pair of Asics, but you really need to go to a running store to get fitted. Even certain Asics throw my body off.
  • GibsonDarlin
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    Fleet Feet is a runners store - that will fit you for shoes and inserts. They are not CHEAP but well worth it!!
    I am wearing Newbalance and inserts!
  • LesaDave
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    New Balance!! Plus they are still made in the
  • mommyami1
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    Whatever works best for YOU. Try to get an evaluation to see what kind of shoes you need. If there's a running store near you, they might be able to videotape you on a treadmill so they can see how much support and what kind of support you need. I have fallen arches and I pronate. I LOVE my Mizuno's! They are supportive but not bulky.
  • kitkatkmt
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    I loved Rykas, but went and got fitted at a running store (which I'm REALLY glad I did). Even if you don't run, it's worth getting fitted for sneakers at a running store, because they're trained to know what to look for. After they watched me walk barefooted, they suggested Brooks - and I love them. A little pricier, but well worth the cost.
  • dawlschic007
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    I think you have to try on a bunch to see what works for you. I've used New Balance (forgot the name), Nike Dual Fushion 2, and Brooks Ghost 4. The New Balance ones were the first pair I bought and were great for short distances but as I started increasing my runs, I quickly out grew them and they started giving me foot problems. The Nike's are comfortable but I don't use them much for running anymore.
  • HauteP1nk
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    You should go and get fitted for a proper shoe at a running store.

    I hear Asics are a great brand...but when I went to have a gait analysis I ended up with a pair of Brooks.
    The shoe picks you.
  • _Timmeh_
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    One you didn't list is what works for me, Saucony. Because it's what fit best.
    I tried Brooks, Asics, Nike, Mizuno, New Balance...all fine shoes but I over pronate and the Saucony fit best for that.
  • OkieinMinny
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    I Love my New Balance (walked 60 miles over 3 days with me last year!) - BUT I got fitted for them, you may think you need a certain type of shoe and you may be very wrong, go to a running store they will have people that look at your gait, your stride etc, my girlfriend thought she needed/wanted NB and she is wearing will really help You!
  • cowgirlashlee
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    I love my New Balance when I'm running on uneven terrain (former cross country I lived while running on uneven ground)! However, I've found that my Adidas are really nice for running on the road. I have knee problems and tendonitis in my left foot, and I've found that both brands leave me not hurting at the end of a run the way Nikes have.
  • shanahan_09
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    Loved my Saucony's...very cushiony, great arch support, and light. Maybe go to a store that analyzes your walk, stride, arches. They can then set you up properly. (Runner's World, etc)
  • sunnyrunner77
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    I just went to my local running store and got "professionally" fitted for a pair, based on my requirements, they hooked me up with some Saucony's. I needed a lot more arch support than I initially thought, and although I love the idea of the lightweight free-running shoes, I find my runs are much more enjoyable in these big, chunky, supportive shoes. Once I get some more miles under my belt, I'll get reevaluated to see if I can lighten up a bit.