Natural Calorie Burn

Ok so I have a question for you MFP members. I am wearing my hrm as a test for hours on end today too see how many calories I burn doing normal everday activities. Thus far since doing this I have cleaned, went to the store, ate dinner, relaxed, and chatted with my hubby. According to the hrm 7:54:38 (hours:minuts:seconds) I have burned 1684 calories.

Is this natural burn possible? And can you count it as calories burned for the day?

Why am I asking and doing this? General curiosity and according to a lot of research, your hrm is the tell tale of actual calories burned.

Thank you for your inputs.


  • Debbiedebbiey
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    I have a bodybugg @ it says I burn 1.5 cals per min/ doing dishes, cooking normal routine stuff. Versus 5 cals per min. Lifting 8lb weights for 30 mins.
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    Its unlikely to be accurate. There are lots of things other than exercise that makes our HR rise so the longer you wear a HRM the less accurate it is. Unless you're actually working out I wouldnt advise wearing it. A fitbit or similar is better if you want something to wear all day.

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    I dont think HRM is accurate when it comes to light "work", but the number youre seeing (IF it were accurate) would be your TDEE
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    No, those are normal everyday activities.

    The point of an HRM is to help monitor your exercise caloric burn, your heart rate, etc ----while during exercise: activity that you dont normally do during the course of the day.
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    HRM's are only designed to calculate calorie burn when you're in your target heart rate zone. Otherwise, the formula is not valid and counts will be wildly inaccurate.
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    This is including your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR - the calories you would burn through your heart beating and your brain functioning) and is what MFP bases your daily calorie requirements on. You should find at the end of the day that your total calories burned = your daily target calories + your chosen deficit i.e. for me MFP tells me to eat about 1700 and I have chosen a deficit of 1000 so I would expect to see a burn of approx 2700. If you are way off target then you might want to adjust MFP a bit because at the end of the day MFP can't read your actual HR and has to take some guestimates based on maths and the activity level you think you have.

    Personally I wear a fitbit all day and night ( This calculates my calorie burn based on my BMR as usual but then adjusts it based on my actual activity level in real time. My fitbit account is linked to my MFP account so at the end of the day, MFP gets updated with a "Fitbit Calorie Adjustment" which gives me additional calories if I have earned them.

    In summary, no, you cannot count them as calories burned because MFP will have already assumed them as part of your BMR.
  • It is probably very accurate....BUT it is not what you should add for your total burn...i mean think about it...if you are at the 1200 intake through what mfp says then you add that you burned 1600 more through out the day by just doing your normal daily extra exercise....well then you would be at 2800 calories for the day for what you would be able to ingest.....isn't that right there the reason why most of us are even on mfp? lol so no don't add it to your cals would gain not lose...good luck with your journey!
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    I figured it was my BMR. And also that I could not use it in my exercise log. But dang it sure would have been nice.

    I did find it fascinating with the burn through how your body functions.