What's your opinion on this?

Ahmee2034 Posts: 1,330 Member
Okay, so, this morning I did 5 miles on my bike. I came home ate breakfast. Decided to enjoy my last day of vacation just watching movies. How should I eat today? I'm not really hungry but I have all these calories. If I'm not really expending cals from activity, how do you think the body reacts to this? Good or bad?


  • swtally80
    swtally80 Posts: 278 Member
    Listen to your body! You should still eat healthy and at least try to be close to your goal caloric intake.
  • neenaleigh
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    I try always to eat the minimum. When the little warning stops popping up on the home page, I figure I can stop eating. Sometimes, I'm just not that hungry...but I know never to go under my 1,200 a day.
  • omid990
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    you should at least eat your 1200. even if your not doing anything, your body still needs calories in order to do basic functions like digestion, breathing, etc.

    as long as you don't make this a habit, i don't see any problem with it.
  • teridene
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    To help me lose weight I consulted a nutritionist. I had the same question. She told me that if I am not hungary or if I am laying around and not doing much eat at least 30 carbs for a meal. No less than 30. The 30 carbs is not much and it keeps the pancreas working at "low" which keeps your metabolism from shutting down. And trust me, 30 ins't much. Hope that helps. It helped me.
  • junkgypsy
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    Hellooooo, you're watching movies, make some popcorn!
    It's not all that filling, and you buy a lower-calorie kind so you won't feel bad about it!

    That's what I would do.