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lilorphann Posts: 138 Member
Hi everyone! It's been 448 days for me on mfp and I'm finally getting around to posting on here. Me, my hubby, and son have lost a combined total of 370 pounds with the help of mfp and changing how and what we eat. No pills, fads, or surgery. Just changes in habits. I cannot tell you the difference this has had on our lives! It's amazing to really be "living" again!


  • JWmovin4ward
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    Wow! congrats that is an awesome loss for you & your family!

    Feel free to add me if you like :flowerforyou:
  • frmrdtr
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Such a great success story. Very proud of everyone's accomplishments!
  • mimiislosingit
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    That is really awesome!!
  • sweetmelissa40
    What an inspiration!!! :smile:
  • Sherrie28
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    Amazing! And it's wonderful that your whole family is on board. You've done a great service to your family.