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A lil over a yr ago, as I sat in my recliner, stuffing my face with chips and dip, my hubby of 20 plus yrs, came to me saying he had to do something about his weight or he was not going to live much longer. I think I muttered something about moving out of my way, my soap was on. 
But, I knew he was right. I had just ignored it. It was easier to look the other way and not see the extra weight and it's toll it was taking. 
So, with much eye rolling, I agreed to see how much I weighed. We took out the scale. I weighed in at 273 pounds( remember, I was eating chips, so thats got to explain some of it, right?) The heaviest I'd ever been.  I'm a little over 5'7".  Hubby was 467 pounds, his biggest,  at 6'3".   Why had I let this happen? I hadn't always been overweight. The only answer I had, we just got so caught up in life,  let laziness take over, and it just got easier to eat out and buy bigger clothes. 
That day set in motion, a new way of life for our family. We made shopping lists and started logging everything we ate, with the help of a calorie counting app(myfitnesspal). We stopped ordering pizza, eating fast foods, eating fried foods, and red meat. We cut out sodas and high calorie, high fat foods. 
That day, started our "skinnification".  We committed ourselves to losing weight and getting healthy. We set realistic goals. I started cooking low calorie, low fat, healthy meals. We bought bicycles and started moving around more. We made it a family affair, and my overweight, nearly 300 pound, son, also got involved. 
Now, all those things didn't happen at once, we gradually changed our eating style to take out negative choices and incorporate positive ones. 
It wasn't a hard thing to do, we just had to start eating right; and before long, the weight started to come off and I noticed how much better I felt, and how much energy I had. 
The constant support and encouragement from each other is EVERYTHING! 
As of this writing, my hubby has lost 175 pounds, my son has lost 120 and is in "maintenance mode", and I've lost 75 pounds. 


  • deeva2266
    deeva2266 Posts: 65 Member
    Fantastic for you and yor family:-) I know how hard it can be to make changes but oh so worth it!
  • kstep88
    kstep88 Posts: 403 Member
    Wonderful for all of you!
  • rocketass99
    rocketass99 Posts: 537 Member
    What a great gift for our entire family. Congratulations.
  • aallen8599
    aallen8599 Posts: 73
    Good for you for making the change. It does sneak up on you but many people never make the first step. It's awesome that your husband and son got involved too. Thanks for sharing your story, I enjoyed reading it. (loved the part of you telling him to step out of the way, your soap was on. lol)
  • Sisnjrn
    Sisnjrn Posts: 6 Member
    Amazing and job well done!! Keep up the good work!!
  • Anyaaaa11
    Anyaaaa11 Posts: 242 Member
    That's some hard work and I'm sure it took a long time!! & I know I don't even know you but I'm so proud of you all! I'm sure you all had some bumps in the road but you made it to where you are now with more to come! Also, you've been giving the opportunity for a healthier lifestyle and taken that challenge and succeeded I'm sure other great things will be coming your way shortly!
    (: congratulations!
  • mommyred35
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  • dlpnrn2b
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    I :heart: your story and I am SO very proud and inspired. My parents are sorta like you explained in the beginning and I would give absolutely anything to get my entire family healthy!! I am going to print this for them to read!!

    Just pure proud of all 3 of you :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
  • jenniejengin
    jenniejengin Posts: 785 Member
    I am so proud of your accomplishments, all of you. Congrats. Keep up the good work.
  • SpydrMnky27
    SpydrMnky27 Posts: 381 Member
    That's amazing. Congrats to you and your family!!!
  • Runwithbeff
    you and your family are an inspiration to us all!!
  • kimchi84
    kimchi84 Posts: 56
    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulation and keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 5Btieden
    5Btieden Posts: 189 Member
    Way to go!!! Great job!
  • DestinyDarbi
    DestinyDarbi Posts: 260 Member
    Wow... what an amazing story!! Such an inspiration that your son got involved too! Congrats on all that weight you all lost!!! :flowerforyou:
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